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26% said procedure was worth it
74% said procedure was not worth it

The average reported Zerona cost is: $1974

$1500.00 Zerona treatment a scam!

New York, NY

Hi I'm an average size 34 year old young lady. Much time was spent and transportation commenting to 535 E 44 st between Madison & 5th, New York, New York. This treatment ... Read the full Zerona review

$2200 Zerona does NOT work!

Irvine, CA

What a ripoff! NO results at all. Aside from the cost, it took a huge sacrifice in time, and requires major changes to your diet. AFTERWARDS, they admitted that they see ... Read the full Zerona review


Toronto, ON

I think that consumers on the most part are influenced a great deal by marketing and unfortunately Zerona has great marketing. The unsuspected consumer who does not do their ... Read the full Zerona review

$700 Don't waist your money

Orlando, FL

Physically painless with little to NO Results. Really could come very close to qualifying as a medical rip-off! Even at a discount of $700 it is really not worth it at ... Read the full Zerona review

$1400 zerona

New York, NY

what experience the took my money and said I'm sorry it didn't work for u very bad to tack advantage from people Read the full Zerona review

$800.00 The biggest waste of money for a procedure ever

Westminster, CO

It may be physically painless, but it's not financially painless. I found this procedure to have very little effectiveness in achieving any noticeable change in appearance. ... Read the full Zerona review

$1500 Colossal Waste of Time and Money

Norwell, MA

I signed up for it because a promotion allowed this $3,000 procedure to be had for $1,500. Saw absolutely no changes. Perhaps it's because the technicians and doctor had a ... Read the full Zerona review

$2000 Spa worker tells you to not waste your money on Zerona.

Seattle, WA

I work at a spa that has the Zerona. I see overweight women come in all of the time looking for a quick weight loss fix. These women spend $1500-$2000 on Zerona treatments ... Read the full Zerona review

$2500 How I lost my fat without surgery!

Houston, TX

I always had a tendency to retain water and to gain excessive weight even if I exercised. Given that I wasn't extremely fat, I really was against the liposuction techniques ... Read the full Zerona review

$1700.00 Don't waste your money

Frederick, MD

I WASTED $1,700.00 on this procedure. Very unhappy and saw no results. I did everything the doctor said to do, no results. Read the full Zerona review

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