World's Top 10 Weight Loss & Health Spas

Get in shape in style at one of the World's Top 10 Weight Loss & Health Spas. These destinations vary in their approaches to health from those that follow strict programs to others that are more laid back. Read through the following list of destination spas to find the weight loss or health program that's most in line with your needs.

Cal-a-Vie - San Diego, California

Cal-a-Vie is a well known destination spa in San Diego, California. The programs there are very personalized, and guests can follow their prescribed course of therapy or veer away from it. Usually, visitors to Cal-a-Vie lose weight and get in touch with nature through morning hikes, healthy eating options, and afternoon fitness classes.

New Life Hiking Spa - Vermont

New Life Hiking Spa in Vermont also takes a relaxed approach to weight loss. The spa encourages guests to do what they like while staying on site, although most visitors take part in the daily rigorous hikes through the adjacent woods. Spa treatments and healthy spa cuisine complete the experience.

Terme Di Saturnia - Italy

Terme Di Saturnia is an Italian destination spa offering different options for guests looking to immerse themselves in the spa environment. Weight-loss programs are available, but they're not as popular as the other spa treatments, which focus on beauty and inner peace. Medical professionals oversee the programs on site.

Chiva Som Resort - Thialand

Thailand's Chiva Som literally means "haven of life" in Thai. The luxury resort is situated on the water in Hua Hin, and it offers multiple programs designed to help guests de-stress, detoxify, learn yoga, or lose weight. Chiva Som's programs aren't as rigorous as some other weight-loss resort spas, but they are plenty relaxing.

Clinique La Prairie - Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva

Often touted at the world's best health spa, Clinique La Prairie is situated in the Swiss Alps on Lake Geneva. The spa offers day and extended programs for guests looking to shed pounds, increase self awareness, or feel more beautiful. For the ultimate in bragging rights, Clinique La Prairie is the place to go.

Stobo Castle Health Spa - Scotland

Stobo Castle Health Spa in Scotland attracts some guests who want to relax and other who are looking to improve personal fitness. The versatile establishment provides the perfect haven for designing a personal program to achieve goals.

CuisinArt Resort and Spa - Anguilla

The beautiful island of Anguilla makes the perfect setting for a luxurious destination spa, CuisinArt Resort and Spa. This facility isn't as structured in its program offerings, but many guests choose to go here for weight loss or health weekends because of the area's beauty. A full-service fitness studio, extensive spa, and other activities make it easy to stay active.

The Crete Royal Mare Thalasso Spa - The Crete

The Crete Royal Mare Thalasso Spa is consistently voted as the best thalasso facility in the world. It's dedicated to the well being of visitors, offering multiple programs designed to help guests slim down, reduce cellulite, tone veins, and improve positive energy.

Hotel Spa Palace Merano Henry Chenot - Italy

For travelers hoping to lose weight or improve health without any inconveniences, the Hotel Spa Palace Merano Henry Chenot is the destination of choice. This Italian wonderland of a resort is nothing but luxurious, even in its medical areas. Enjoy personalized care with a wellness program designed just for you.

The Parkschlosschen Bad Wildstein - Germany

The Parkschlosschen Bad Wildstein is a quaint German resort specializing in Ayurvedic treatments, which are administered in programs meant to help improve quality of life. Guests can choose a variety of traditional and more modern courses with goals such as detoxification, de-stressing, and increased beauty.

If losing weight and getting healthy are your goals, then there's no better place to go for your next vacation than a destination spa with well being in mind. The World's Best Weight Loss & Health Spas will work with you to help you look and feel your best. So whether it's a mountain retreat in the Alps or a desert vacation, taking a trip to a destination spa can be well worth your time.