World's Best Medical Spa Resorts


Sometimes, you want more than a traditional European spa treatment. Massages and facials are great, but they can feel like the same old thing after a while. When a standard day spa service isn't enough, a medical treatment or a basic thermal remedy may be in store. Check out one of the World's Top 10 Medical and Thermal Spas to experience the best of these kinds of services.

The Capri Palace Hotel and Spa - Italy

Capri Beauty Farm at the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa is one of Italy's finest spa facilities. It offers noninvasive procedures with a medical emphasis; for example, cellulite reduction therapies are very popular. The spa also features several customizable programs designed to asses cardiovascular health, aid in weight loss, and tone legs.

Mayr and More destination spa - Carinthia, Austria

Austria's Mayr and More destination spa, located in Carinthia, guides program participants toward detoxification and degeneration under the supervision of medical professionals. Programs are meant to improve mental functioning, deal with stress, and more.

Clinique La Prairie - Clarens-Montreux, Switzerland

The famed Clinique La Prairie in Clarens-Montreux, Switzerland is one of the world's most exclusive spas, and it's also one of the oldest medical spa facilities. Offering traditional spa treatments, surgical procedures, and exclusive revitalization therapies, Clinique La Prairie is Europe's premier destination for beauty.

Le Terme della Regina Isabella - Italy

Le Terme della Regina Isabella is an Italian spa offering personalized programs for health and beauty. Guests can design their own combinations of treatments based on their goals. And when they're not in the spa, they can relax in the beautiful resort facilities, which capture all the magic of Italy.

Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort - Tuscany, Italy

Another Italian spa isn't too far away. Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort in Tuscany is a glorious retreat for centering mind, body, and spirit. The spa offers programs using five elements: hydrotherapy, beauty techniques, diet, fitness, and stress management seminars. A custom designed regimen at Terme di Saturnia and the serenity of the countryside can help with almost any problem.

Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique - Algarve, Portugal

A luxurious 5-star Eco-friendly resort offers the 1st Longevity Medical Spa – an exclusive partnership with La Clinique de Paris, and its founder, Dr. Claude Chauchard, a specialist in preventive medicine and aging management. Customized spa therapies, esthetic medical services, and medical evaluations at the on-site Longevity Medical Spa rejuvenate body and mind, as do resort activities such as hiking, morning walks, water sports, yoga, and Pilates.

Therme Vals - Switzerland

For a traditional spa retreat in a stunning facility, head to Therme Vals in Switzerland. This spa is built around the only thermal spring in the region. Baths are traditional mineral style, but other spa programs and therapies are available as well. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Therme Vals is its structure: it's made from 60,000 slabs of pure quartz.

Evian Royal Resort - France

The home of the famous mineral water is also the site of a luxury spa. Evian-les-Bains, France, hosts the Evian Royal Resort, a place built around the natural springs. At the thermal spa on site, visitors can bask in the area's famous spring water or enjoy a traditional spa treatment; either way, the luxury is unbeatable.

The Blue Lagoon - Iceland

One of the coolest spas in the world is in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is a natural geothermal spa in Iceland, a place where hot and cold mix with amazing results. Visitors can simply bask in the healing waters if they like, but the resort also offers specialty treatments with a technician. These services use the water to treat common skin problems, like psoriasis.

Brenners Park Hotel and Spa - Baden-Baden, Germany

Brenners Park Hotel and Spa in Baden-Baden, Germany is a luxury spa resort with a deep- rooted history. The spa has been in business since the late 1800s, when visitors flocked to the natural hot springs on site. Nowadays, guests can enjoy the springs along with a luxury medical spa, gourmet restaurant, and high-end accommodations.

The World's Best Medical and Thermal Spas are different in their approaches to health. Some treat guests to traditional spa services supplemented with hot springs. Others serve as the place where visitors can jump start a diet or get in touch with their goals. But regardless of their varying techniques, all of the best spas share common goals - to help visitors achieve health, beauty, and relaxation.