Best Spas in Orlando

Top Orlando Day Spas Orlando has a reputation as theme-park central. It's the land of Disney and Universal Studios, both of which draw crows to the city every year. In fact, it might be one of your upcoming destinations too. If a trip to central Florida is in your future, make it perfect with a trip to one of the Top Orlando Spas. Choose from the list of businesses below to add a relaxing component to your vacation.
Leave the hectic world behind with a trip to Serendipity Day Spa. Located in an artfully decorated old home, Serendipity creates the perfect environment for relaxation. The spa offers a limited menu of massage, facial, and hair removal services. Go for a signature Swedish massage and add on a power nap to your session--it's absolute heaven!
The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers the height of refined luxury in its many spa treatments. Whether you're staying at the Ritz or just popping in for a manicure, the spa makes every guest feel like royalty. Enjoy the many amenities at the spa before and after your services for a full day of bliss.
Acqua Day Spa provides pampering in the form of massages, facials, and body treatments. Brow and eyelash tinting and waxing services are also available. Try one of the spa's seasonal packages to get in touch with the times. For summer, the Tropical Treat includes a coconut lime facial and wrap treatment with a massage.
The acclaimed Sanctuary Salon and Spa makes customers feel special from the moment they arrive to the marble-and- mahogany finished facility. The spa offers an array of standard service in addition to its popular medical cosmetic treatments. Customers can have their pick of laser therapy, injectables, and chemical peels for more permanent beautification.
Delaney Park Day Spa is well loved for its affordable luxury. Massage treatments here cost just $50 for one hour! The spa also provides facial services, including microdermabrasion treatments, for less than most competitors. The best thing about Delaney Park is that although costs are low, the quality of service remains high.
The Day Spa at Ashley Park combines Eastern and Western relaxation techniques for the best therapeutic experiences. The large variety of massages and body treatments are all popular here, but what this spa is known for is its superior medical services. With six lasers on site, The Day Spa can help treat any skin or hair removal needs.
Freesia Beauty Spa goes out of its way to please customers. It provides free drinks and WiFi access for anyone getting services. And the friendly staff makes treatments at Freesia extra special. Try one of the creative body therapies for a unique treat; the Peach Paraffin Body Wrap is a customer favorite.
The Spa is a modern facility that offers tons of treatments to locals and tourists alike. In fact, it has been voted best Orlando spa for two years in a row. All the treatments are enticing, but order one of the traditional Chinese therapies for something different. Tui Na, for example, is a traditional form of Chinese massage that you won't find many other places.
Peter Jacob Salon and Spa looks like it was decorated in the 80s, but its treatments are still cutting edge. They're also relatively inexpensive. Take your pick from massages, body treatments, facials, or nail services for a stress busting afternoon at the spa. Stay for a haircut for an added treat.
The Woodhouse Day Spa is a luxury establishment that doesn't hold anything back when it comes to treatments. It offers the newest trendy spa treatment--the Shirodaro scalp massage--in a specially designed room. For the rest of the menu, microdermabrasion services accompany a long list of well-loved classics. The Best Spas in Orlando provide a well-deserved break from the stress of a theme-park vacation. But they're also a perfect everyday luxury for locals. Stop by one of the above day spas and enjoy the pampering, no matter if you're visiting Orlando for a day or a resident for life.