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The average reported Thermage cost is: $2113

$2800 Thermage for my post-pregnancy bulge

Miami, FL

After having twins, and a C-section, I was very insecure about my belly. I wanted to get rid to the post-pregnancy belly since I wasn't planning on having more kids. I ... Read the full Thermage review

$2400 Thermage made me look 30 years old instead of 42!

San Antonio, TX

I am 42 years old and I had Thermage on my full face. After I had three pregnancies I was loosing and gaining weight and my skin started to be saggy and loose. Especially, I ... Read the full Thermage review

$3200 Before having Thermage choose a good doctor

Los Angeles, CA

Almost a year ago I had Thermage on my face and neck and I saw the result right away. My skin became firm and fresh. After four months I had it done on my eyes and I was ... Read the full Thermage review

$2650 Thermage gave my skin more elasticity

San Francisco, CA

I had a Thermage treatment because I wanted to have my skin more firmer And much younger. I didn't want to have any surgery, just maintain my skin. After the Thermage my ... Read the full Thermage review

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