Zerona laser treatment erased love handles

Zerona: Worth it

Cost: $2400
Pain: Painfree
Zerona satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Zerona provider: Name not provided
Location: New York, NY
I found a medical spa that specialized in Zerona laser treatments. The PS is very strict with his pre-treatment instructions; his nurse told me it was because not everyone is a suitable candidate for this treatment. In fact, he is so particular, he gives the first treatment free, but if there isn’t at least ½ inch of fat loss afterwards, he won’t let you continue. During the 2- week treatment, there were many things I had to do: Go to the spa every other day for the 40-minute treatments. Massage the areas (helps break up the fat), I had to drink at least 8 -8oz glasses of water every day (helps flush out the fat)' make sure to exercise every day (also helps flush out the fat), take Niacin 3 times a day. I also had to wear a compression garment, which is nothing more than a body girdle. But it was worth it! I lost 11 pounds, 2 inches around my hips, an inch at my waist. Best of all the stubborn love handles are G O N E ! I am trimmer and more toned. It was expensive, but I feel I am worth it!

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