Zerona Is a Removal Of Excessive Fats By Cold Laser Energy

Zerona: Worth it

Cost: $2700
Pain: Painfree
Zerona satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Zerona provider: Name not provided
Location: Phoenix, AZ
After trying hard with dieting plans and strenuous exercise, I was not able to get rid of excess fats from my body. Then one of my friends suggested me to undergo Zerona laser treatment, which looked a practical way of removing fats that were in excess. Without any surgical cut, doctors used a low-level laser on my tummy, which resulted in the breakdown of accumulated fat. I felt something cold on my tummy and some water flowing effects inside my body. The doctor later explained that the laser was absorbed in the skin and it immediately started destroying fat cells that were present beneath the upper layer of skin, and this was later channeled out. Zerona treatment took around 50 minutes and I did not feel any pain during the whole procedure. In addition, there were no side effects and I simply loved the way Zerona removed all unnecessary fats from my body.

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