Wonderful Experience of Fat Transfer Treatment without Any Major Surgery

Fat Transfer: Worth it

Cost: $8750
Pain: Painfree
Fat Transfer satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Fat Transfer provider: Name not provided
Location: San Francisco, CA
I was very skinny since my college days and no dress that completely fit on my body just because of my slim figure. Then I came to know about fat transfer treatment and decided to have it before my marriage. I went to the doctor and clearly stated my expectations of the treatment because I heard about some negative consequences of this treatment. I had fat transfer treatment on different parts of my body. My arms, chest, tummy, as well as my lips were also augmented using this procedure. It was done under general anesthesia, which made me unconscious during the treatment, and when I woke up, several parts of my body were covered in bandages, and I could not even open my eyes properly. However, within a few days, as the recovery period started, I felt like something has added up in my skin and mass was increased due to Fat transfer process. Although it did not carry any side effects but I couldn’t move freely during recovery period which was a bit tough for me.  

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