Very bad Experience

Permanent Makeup: NOT worth it

Cost: $1000
Pain: Worst Possible
Permanent Makeup satisfaction: Poor  

I do not recommend my Permanent Makeup provider: Name not provided
Location: Dubai, AL
It was not perfect for the eyebrows but not bad, but for my lips was really a nightmare I had a very severe infection looks like sore and blister was very ugly to see, although I put oilmenent but it gets worse till i was getting pain and my lips were getting swollen and infected more and more, i went to hospital and doctor gave me 2 medicines like antiviral and other one to heal it but my state was late because i didn't heal it earlier. I really don't advise anyone who has sensitive skin to make it , even my dermatologist called me to expressing how sad she was when i saw her my lips , I was crying for days and praying to just have my lips back just as they were and nothing else. Please do not try to do it if you also had sore fever on your lips from time to time because i think it was the origin of infection.

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