Thermage Treatment to Get a Smooth and Tight Skin

Thermage: Worth it

Cost: $1450
Pain: Painfree
Thermage satisfaction: Excellent  

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Location: Indianapolis, IN
Hello, my name is Emily and I am a dentist by profession. Few weeks ago, I underwent Thermage treatment because of my sagging skin. In addition to it, I also had a few scars and red spots on my face that made me look like a joker. In the start, the doctor used a small machine to emit pulsating light on my skin. Within a few minutes, I felt bruising feeling and my skin was getting hot. I complaint the doctor about this and he stopped the procedure for couple of minutes and applied a numbing cream on my face. Thermage procedure took around 30 minutes and after it, I was asked to come again in 14 days if I see no significant change in my skin. However, I was happy just after one day, because I had a smooth and tight skin. On top of this, almost all acne scars and red spots were vanished. Thermage is an excellent treatment with no side effects at all and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

April 27, 2011Comments and replies (1)

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  • Kathleen 06/20/2011
    I am 43 years old and I am starting to have the usually sagging around the jaw line. I was hesitant to do this because the doctor was very forthright that, although he though I had the kind of skin that typically responds well to Thermage, it's somewhat of a hit or miss and he couldn't guarantee any results. I opted to do it and didn't tell my husband. I wanted to see if he noticed any difference without looking for it. Within a week, he started asking me if I'd had something done and I told him. it's been over a month and he still keeps making comments about how my jaw line has really tightened up. I've had several people at work ask if I've had anything done, as well. So far, I'm very happy.

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