Thermage Treatment - Perfect Solution Of Wrinkles

Thermage: Worth it

Cost: $1100
Pain: Painfree
Thermage satisfaction: Excellent  

I recommend my Thermage provider: Name not provided
Location: Chicago, IL
I had deep worry lines and wrinkles near my eyes, which made me look much older than my actual age. At first, I was reluctant to ordinary treatments because I had heard a lot about their negative effects but then I heard about Thermage and decided to give it a go. The practitioner applied various creams on my face and then massaged gently. I did not feel any burning or pain but a little redness was there for some time. The doctor told me that the redness would disappear in an hour but it took all day. I did not find any prominent effects of Thermage treatment on that day but when I woke up next morning, I was very pleased to see my wrinkle-free face. Many people complimented me about my fresh and charming face. The treatment was not expensive, it does not require much time and showed excellent results. I would definitely suggest it to all those who are annoyed with their wrinkles.

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