Thermage Isn't a Quick Fix

Thermage: NOT worth it

Cost: $2400
Pain: Mild
Thermage satisfaction: Poor  

I do not recommend my Thermage provider: Name not provided
Location: Seattle,WA
After getting married and having a baby, I started to see the start of cellulite on my upper thighs and a baby pooch on my lower abdomen. I think I may have been looking for a quick fix. With a husband and new baby, I didn't think I had time for working out. Instead, I opted for Thermage; the ad said it could get rid of cellulite and tightens up the baby pooch in 4 treatments or less. It cost much more than renewing my gym membership would have. But quick and easy seemed worth it to me. Honestly, it might have done a little something, but nothing like the pictures in the ad, and definitely not enough to justify a $2400.00 price tag! I have since taken up jogging ďand I'm AMAZED with the results!

August 06, 2010Comments and replies (1)

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Comments (1)

  • vicky 05/19/2011
    Im 44 non-smoker and healthy skin, just wanted to tight my face and neck a little bit! being that is age is already showing! Im very dissappointed by thermage!!! I spend 4,000 with products and all, is being almost 2 months and I look the same!! I was looking at the videos that had convince me and after doing the procedure I starting searching for reviews which I should off done first!!! Im upset by losing my money looking the same and wondering why people still say that it works!!?

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