Some side effects after Affirm Laser

Affirm Laser: NOT worth it

Cost: $800
Pain: Uncomfortable
Affirm Laser satisfaction: Poor  

I do not recommend my Affirm Laser provider: Name not provided
Location: Atlanta, GA
I was researching many different laser treatments and choose Affirm Laser so I could have more youthful skin and take care of wrinkles at the same time. I am Fifty four years old woman and I have some wrinkles under my eyes and around my lips and also have some sun damaged skin. First, I thought I am not going to go through that process but then I changed my mind. It was actually very painful and after having my first procedure I had some bruises, my skin was swollen. It’s been 3 months after the Affirm treatment and I still have red spots on my face but don’t see any result. I am using a lot of foundation in order to cover this red spots. I didn’t get what I wanted to get from this treatment and I wish I didn’t have it . Very bad experience.

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