Restylane left me looking fat

Restylane: NOT worth it

Cost: $1600
Pain: Severe
Restylane satisfaction: Poor  

I do not recommend my Restylane provider: Name not provided
Location: New York, NY
I am Asian and have tired lines diagonally on my ace from inner corner of my eye to the outer sides of my face which make me look really tired. I decided to go Taiwan and give myself a bit of a quick pick e up to look good b the time i come home so i decided to see a beauty salon there. The Dr rec i get Restyle n my cheeks. He first applied numbing cream on my face left me for 20 minutes than came back to check that i was numb he than started with these needles in my face which was quie uncomfortable as he was poking and prodding with these needles or candelas or whatever you call them. Most of the time i had to close my eyes because the sight of it made me nautious. At first the results were great but than he asked me if i wanted to look better of which i thought he was the doctor than he would know whats best so he gave some time to recover say about 10 minutes and he came back and continued on my face. My face became very swollen and looked really plump, but not in a good way. They all assured me i was going to be okay and gave me antibiotics in case of infection and paradamol for the pain. The next day the swelling was so bad it made my eyes small and a weird cats eye shape and it felt so puffy on my face. The day after was also bad and i felt a lot of pressure under my eye. I was so scared. The day after i went to see the doctor and they assured me its normal and swelling will go down in a few days. Today is day 8 and yes the lines on my face are less noticeable but because i had a round face before i look quite fat as in like i had put on weight. My sister says i was so much more prettier before and the fact i still have a huge large bump under each eye is so not worth it. Really. Stick with what you've got, take care of your inside and outside and experience with make up. Never again.

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