Restylane is an expensive treatment for under eye bags removal

Restylane: NOT worth it

Cost: $750
Pain: Severe
Restylane satisfaction: Poor  

I do not recommend my Restylane provider: Name not provided
Location: Philadelphia,PA
My name is Stacy and my doctor suggested me Restylane injections when I went to him for big eye bags and dark circles around my eyes. The treatment was quite expensive and did not worth for the results I got. I was advised a treatment of 6 injections in a 6 days treatment with two injections on every second day. My face was completely swelled and red for the whole week and I could not attend my office for about three weeks. The swelling remained on my face for about 3 weeks and I had severe pain on the treated area. After recovery, the results were less satisfactory because there was a little mismatch in both eyes but that was not very prominent. I was happy that I underwent this process but my happiness did not last any long when the effects faded away in just 2 months. Now I have blue spots around my eyes along with large eye bags. My doctor did not guide me for such bad effects before; I would not recommend this treatment to anyone.

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