Restylane Injections With Outstanding Results

Restylane: Worth it

Cost: $865
Pain: Painfree
Restylane satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Restylane provider: Name not provided
Location: Phoenix, AZ
I underwent Restylane injections treatment to remove the deep dark circles under my eyes. The treatment was quiet expensive but it completely worth it. My treatment did not go good but my competent doctor was able to handle it very effectively and in the end, I got impressive results. Firstly, I was very concerned that I could feel the syringe going in my skin, which was an awful feeling. I did not feel much pain but there was a lot of swelling after the treatment was finished. I was looking like a Humpty Dumpty and was not even able to talk for about 10 hours. Just after the treatment, I saw some syringe marks which made me think bad that why I chose to get this treatment. However, after 2 days, those marks were vanished and I was delighted to see the results. You can really improve your looks by try your hands with Restylane.

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