Removal of Fine Lines with Forehead Lift Surgery

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Cost: $7000
Pain: Painfree
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Location: Miami, FL
Earlier this month, I underwent forehead lift surgical treatment to uplift my drooping eyebrow and remove deep worry lines on my forehead. Although I was not aware of this treatment but one of my close friends is a cosmetic, surgeon and he recommended that I should try this to get rid of all worry lines. Forehead lift is not a painful treatment; I was only required to indicate the exact positioning of my forehead after the surgery and the extent to which I wanted it uplift. The treatment was conducted under local anesthesia after which I was able to notice a considerable difference. Almost all worry lines and dark circles were gone from my forehead. On top of this, eye bags and wrinkles were also removed resulting in a fresh and smooth skin. The biggest drawback of forehead lift surgery is its long recovery period that may even last for several weeks.

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