Regain your untouched visage, it works!

Laser Scar Removal: Worth it

Cost: $800
Pain: Painfree
Laser Scar Removal satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Laser Scar Removal provider: Name not provided
Location: Miami, FL
Even if I loved my cat, her last stunt was really one to remember. The damned thing came out of nowhere and landed just on my face. I got scared, she got scared and she fixed her sharp feet right in my cheeks. I was bleeding as if somebody cut me and I wasn't able to hold from crying for like 20 minutes. Of course, it healed, but the deep scars were still visible. I needed to wear a thick layer of foundation cream, but it would get all messy as the scars were quite volumetric. Anyway, as I couldn't stand it anymore I needed to get a little cosmetic treatment in place, something that would patch me up again. With a laser procedure I got it all back. The only downside was that the skin was a bit rosy for a while, but, nevertheless now it's evened out. It sure works!

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