Permanent Remedy For Acne Removal

DOT Therapy: Worth it

Cost: $1450
Pain: Painfree
DOT Therapy satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my DOT Therapy provider: Name not provided
Location: Phoenix, AZ
I had a face full of wrinkles and acne scars at the age of 29. I used to look like a 40-year-old woman and was very annoyed so I decided to have a dot therapy. The treatment was not painful at all because a numbing cream was applied before starting the therapy. When the doctor started the treatment I felt a lot of burning and itching, the burning was catered by a nurse constantly throwing cool air on me during the treatment but itching was still there which I had to tolerate. The treatment took one hour to complete and then I was left with a red swelled face. I was advised to avoid sun rays, bright lights, hot temperature, and exercising for one month. I also had to take some antibiotics for a week and then after that I got very positive results with no side effects at all.

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