No more stains and no more unevenly colored teeth for me!

Teeth Whitening: Worth it

Cost: $300
Pain: Painfree
Teeth Whitening satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Teeth Whitening provider: Name not provided
Location: Los Angeles, CA
At first I thought that it was my love for wine and coffee but my dentist told me that my teeth were just different in color. It wasn't all that strange as he explained. Teeth just like skin can have different layers of composition and because of that they will look a little different no matter how much I brushed them. But I couldn't just leave them looking like that. Something had to be done and I was really happy to go for a teeth whitening session. Just because I saw how well other teeth looked I knew that I had nothing to fear, as they wouldn't affect their health. As such, I began the session and after the third one I knew I hit the jackpot. My smile looked just like that of celebrities! The teeth looked the same all the way, they were even and the color looked natural. I love them!

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