My skin looks better now because of it!

Laser Stretch Mark Removal: Worth it

Cost: $3000
Pain: Painfree
Laser Stretch Mark Removal satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Laser Stretch Mark Removal provider: Name not provided
Location: San Francisco, CA
The problem wasn't that noticeable because it was spread mostly around my breasts but it bothered me just the same. You see, I alternated with a lot of diets and I grew and got thinner quite rapidly, in a matter of months. Because of this, I was always unsecure about how I will manage to look and those stretches didn't really go away. As my skin was quite dark, the white lines really were so much noticeable. Of course, my boyfriend loves me too much to have said anything but I’m sure he didn't find them pleasing. So I underwent the procedure and it sure didn't make them vanish but they were smoother and less noticeable. Now my skin looks more even and much finer to the touch. I love it and I know that my boyfriend appreciates it just as much as I do. I fully recommend the procedure.

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