Mesotherapy Treatment Showed Best Results For Fat Reduction

Mesotherapy: Worth it

Cost: $1100
Pain: Painfree
Mesotherapy satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Mesotherapy provider: Name not provided
Location: Denver,CO
I had Mesotherapy at the age of 45, ten years after the birth of my third child. I used Mesotherapy to lose my excessive fat from inner thighs and buttocks. The treatment was completed in a set of two sitting and I was impressed with the result. Mesotherapy did not only remove my fat but it also removed the ugly lumps from my hips. The treatment was divided in two phases with a gap of 15 days. I did not feel any pain during the procedure because local anesthesia was applied. However, there was a little burning, which was catered by ice bags. After the treatment, I had to go to wash room many times and this went on for 2 days, and when I asked the doctor, she told me that it is because the body needs to release the fat and this is quite normal. She also advised me to keep exercising regularly otherwise fats will start coming back.

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