Mesotherapy To Get Rid of Overweight Body

Mesotherapy: Worth it

Cost: $2650
Pain: Painfree
Mesotherapy satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Mesotherapy provider: Name not provided
Location: Charlotte, NC
I was quite healthy since I was a kid, but as I grew older, the bulkiness increased and excessive fat started accumulating around my hips and inner thighs. I consulted my doctor and he suggested me to have Mesotherapy. He advised me to have a set of 6 treatments and gave me a discounted package for that. I had to visit the clinic in every ten days, which made me extremely busy for 2 months. The treatment caused a lot burning sensation that I had to cater with ice bags. Each time I went for the treatment, I had to suffer with stomach disorders and used to spend most of my time in washrooms. The doctor told me that it is due to melting of fat inside the body. I lost about four to six kilos of weight by this treatment and now I can see a big difference in my body.

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