mesotherapy is worse than snake oil

Mesotherapy: NOT worth it

Cost: $1550
Pain: Severe
Mesotherapy satisfaction: Poor  

I do not recommend my Mesotherapy provider: Name not provided
Location: Seattle,WA
today, if someone were to offer me mesotherapy for free, knowing what I know now I would run in the other direction. I had this treatment done on the back of my thighs and saddlebag area. It's an injection cocktail that includes bile salts, a component in stomach acid. I developed a localized infection at one of the injection sites that required me to stay in the hospital for IV antibiotics and drainage of the wound. Before I could go home, I had to learn how to pack and remove medicated gauze in the hole on my hip. I had to do this kind of wound care for 6 weeks. That is when I learned the truth, this treatment¯ isn't approved in the U.S, the academy of plastic surgeons do not list anyone qualified and trained in this treatment. That's why I titled my post the way I did this stuff is worse than snake oil, as it can cause harm snake oil won't hurt you!

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