Mesotherapy is a Treatment for Instant Weight Loss

Mesotherapy: Worth it

Cost: $1750
Pain: Painfree
Mesotherapy satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Mesotherapy provider: Name not provided
Location: San Jose, CA
My skin was quite loose and had cellulite around my tummy and hips which mostly became a reason of embarrassment for me in pool parties. I heard a lot about Mesotherapy, but did not try it to get rid of excessive fats and cellulite. The treatment procedure was quite simple and only required some injections filled with a medication containing vitamins and amino acids. It was performed under local anesthesia in which a cream was applied on my skin proper to the injections. However, as the doctor began injecting, I felt bruising effect, which was because of instant reaction of medicine in the tissue. There was no significant change after the first treatment session and I went for another with the consent of my doctor. My skin was extremely hot after the injections, however it was short lived and by the next morning, I hardly had any cellulite. It took around two to three weeks to get rid of excessive fats around my hips and tummy.

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