I had a resurfacing on my face and it feels great!

Laser Skin Resurfacing: Worth it

Cost: $800
Pain: Mild
Laser Skin Resurfacing satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Laser Skin Resurfacing provider: Name not provided
Location: Chicago, IL
The procedure was in some areas very painful but overall it was Okay. I wanted to have it done because I wanted to prevent my sun spots become larger and my wrinkles get deeper. I am 35 and I wanted to take care of my skin before it’s going to be too late. After the resurfacing I was able to wear my favorite make up and after four days I went back to work. You have to see my skin, it’s gorgeous!! My skin is radiant, smooth and fresh. I am very Happy that I did it! Thanks!!

April 29, 2010Comments and replies (1)

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  • Shahrukh 05/22/2012
    Yes it would. The Erbium, unlike the CO2, rufsreaces the skin without all of the heat that is generated by a CO2. As such, it is better for darker skin. I have been told that one disadvantage is that because of the lack of thermal response, the Erbium does not promote collagen regrowth like the CO2 does.Make sure you go to a board certified practitioner with alot of experience. The following sites may help you find someone good.

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