Hydra Facial -Doctor forgot to tell about the aftereffects

HydraFacial: NOT worth it

Cost: $200
Pain: Painfree
HydraFacial satisfaction: Poor  

I do not recommend my HydraFacial provider: Name not provided
Location: Houston,TX
I wanted to remove the sun damages and black heads before my marriage. My beautician advised me to have a hydra facial, as it would give me a glowing clear face. I consulted an expert and had my hydra facial. She applied some numbing cream to my face before starting the process and then rubbed a machine on my face. It was not painful and I felt like someone is doing massage on my face. The whole process took 10 minutes and my face got swelled and reddish after the treatment. The swelling went down after a day and the results were very unsatisfactory. After a week closer to my wedding day, I was having a very bad sun burned face. I consulted my doctor and he said that I must have gone in the sunlight, which I should have avoided. The doctor explained that after the treatment the sunrays could cause massive damage because of the weak skin. I was not aware of this before I went for the treatment. I had to postpone my marriage because of my foolish mistake.

April 07, 2011Comments and replies (2)

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Comments (2)

  • gabriella 05/13/2012
    I've had several hydrafacials and my skin looked absolutely beautiful for a very long time after the treatments. I'm not sure what the person who had the numbing cream applied had but I doubt it was a hydrafacial since they don't use numbing cream. I'm in the industry and asked many questions. It is for all skin types even rosacea. Does not cause any swelling unless you were allergic to an ingredient and like any facial,you should wear sunscreen but massive damage is an exaggeration. Its a treatment with immediate results but doesn't perform miracles,just better looking skin
  • Sherry Spring 04/03/2012
    where did you get the treatment done? Im sure it wasn't the actual HydraFacial machine. because none of the steps apply numbing cream and your provider should have put the sunscreen on that comes with the treatment after. Even without the sunscreen your face should have not swelled up or became redish lasting over 20 minutes. you might want to see if that provider used different products or was using a non HydraFacial machine saying it was a HydraFacial.

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