How I melted the cellulites away.

Mesotherapy: Worth it

Cost: $1700
Pain: Painfree
Mesotherapy satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Mesotherapy provider: Name not provided
Location: San Francisco, CA
Everybody told me that I was beautiful since I was in high school and I guess that some of it was true. I never really gained fat easily; I never underwent any massive training although I used to go at the gym from time to time. But, unfortunately I was never comfortable enough to wear swimsuits or anything that would reveal my buttocks. I had quite a severe case of cellulites and it really bothered me. Until, one day, one of my best friends advised me to skip the creams and all that nonsense and try something else. When I heard that there won't be any surgical intervention and not even injections my fright disappeared completely. I followed the laser treatment and even in the beginning the results were visible. But now, almost at the end of the treatment I'm happy to say that it really shaped me good. I'm more confident than ever and I even made some new friends at the clinic. Try it out, it's really safe.

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