Fat Transfer isn't a long lasting solution for your lumpy face

Fat Transfer: NOT worth it

Cost: $750
Pain: Painfree
Fat Transfer satisfaction: Poor  

I do not recommend my Fat Transfer provider: Name not provided
Location: Philadelphia,PA
I had a very lumpy face so I decided to fix it with fat transfer treatment. The doctor suggested a set of 4 treatments and that took all my savings. I went for the treatment; doctor asked me to lie down on a chair and then started injecting fat into my skin. It was not painful and I could hardly feel anything because of the numbing cream. My face turned a little red after the treatment but was looking very good. I received many compliments about my new looks from my colleagues, but it did not last very long and my face lost all the fat and the lumps are back now. This time they are worse than before. I went to my doctor and he said that some people have experienced long lasting effects and some are just not lucky enough. He advised same treatment again but I am currently looking for a permanent treatment and would not go for a temporary solution.

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