Fat Transfer - My Sensible Decision To Get A Charming Face

Fat Transfer: Worth it

Cost: $945
Pain: Painfree
Fat Transfer satisfaction: Excellent  

I recommend my Fat Transfer provider: Name not provided
Location: Phoenix, AZ
I have been losing fat from years and when I turned 40, I had a very dead and skinny face. With this condition, my family physician recommended to try fat transfer. The process was simply to inject fat into my skin with a syringe. This appeared as a painful thing at first but during the treatment, I was given a dental block and felt no pain. However, after the treatment, my skin experienced some holes and red scars but they disappeared within few days. My face was also swelled and it took about two weeks to recover. After the recovery, I was pleased with the results and now I look quite healthy and fresh. I got this look, which I always desired from last ten years. I had to take prescribed medications for about two months. Fat Transfer has phenomenal results, it has been a year now and I still look as young as the day of my recovery from the treatment.

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