Faster and easier than classic lipo!

Laser Lipo: Worth it

Cost: $2800
Pain: Painfree
Laser Lipo satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Laser Lipo provider: Name not provided
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I was going to have a liposuction either way. I couldn't stand my body anymore and no other treatment seemed to yield any results for me. I did them all, eat grapefruits and lime, almost starving myself, teas, pills, everything. I couldn't afford to go to the gym because I didn't have the time, and the only solution was lying in front of me. After a thorough discussion with my doctor he suggested I try a new type of liposuction, a laser lipo, since I couldn't afford to stay away from work for too long. I underwent the procedure and, basically, in 5 days I was back at work and wearing a smaller pair of pants. It's true, my skin was a bit bluish for a week, but other than that I felt great. Now I'm, even confident enough to do some exercise to mention myself, and I bought a nice treadmill. I'm sure much happier now!

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