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Ear Surgery: Worth it

Cost: $3450
Pain: Painfree
Ear Surgery satisfaction: Excellent  

I recommend my Ear Surgery provider: Name not provided
Location: Indianapolis, IN
I didn't have very large ears; in fact my left one was normal in shape and was quite attractive. I used to look in the mirror while covering my other ear and I could easily see that it made me look better. But my right one was just shaped oddly. It started normally but it built up a bit too high. It just looked like an elf's ear, and honest, some of my friends called me all sorts of names for it. Sometimes a girl would just stare at it and it didn't matter what I was saying or doing, I just couldn't make a real contact. Therefore, I asked money from my mom and dad because back then I wasn't earning too much and I went to a reconstructive clinic. They took the measurements, the whole nine yards, but after I recovered I looked normal. And, boy, was I looking good! Now I'm more sociable and I also managed to befriend a girl that I really liked. It's just amazing!

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