breast implants in the wrong hands

Breast Implants: NOT worth it

Cost: $8800
Pain: Severe
Breast Implants satisfaction: Fair  

I do not recommend my Breast Implants provider: Name not provided
Location: New York,NY
I had breast implants. The PS placed the implants underneath the breast muscles, that's why I had an extended, painful recovery time (6 weeks). That's what my doctor told me. He made incisions under my breast, this left scars, but only visible when the breast is moved upward. I was a normal B cup before surgery, but I wanted at least D which the PS said my frame (5'0) and skin was too small for. We agreed on C's. I don't think I realized how much difference C's would make in my total shape. I think my breasts are too high now, and well, too large. The PS says they are placed properly; it is the smallness of the chest they have been implanted on. After doing a lot of research, I realize (too late) I didn't pick such a great PS. I will have corrective surgery, by a qualified surgeon, as soon as I can afford it.

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