Breast Implants for Final Metamorphosis

Breast Implants: Worth it

Cost: $6200
Pain: Uncomfortable
Breast Implants satisfaction: Excellent  

I recommend my Breast Implants provider: Name not provided
Location: Seattle,WA
I never thought I was the type to have any sort of enhancement surgery. But then again I never saw myself as divorced and starting over at 45. There I was, divorced; kids out on their own and me facing lifelong inadequacies and self esteem issues. Sounds bad, but in truth it has been the best moments of my life. Learning to care about my own happiness has been a freeing and fulfilling metamorphosis. Improving my physical appearance was my final step. Never really growing into a womanly shape, more like a 12-year-old-boy, I always felt self-conscious about my body. I decided I deserved a confidence booster of the drastic kind- I had breast implants. The surgeon changed my less than A-cup chest to a much more womanly barely B-cup. I look natural, not over done. He used a through the nipple technique, which left zero scarring. It took about 3 weeks for a full recovery, but it wasn't terribly painful. Now, I feel like a completely changed woman, both inside and out, ready to enjoy the best years of my life!

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