Breast Implants -Best Treatment For Altering The Breast Size

Breast Implants: Worth it

Cost: $8000
Pain: Painfree
Breast Implants satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Breast Implants provider: Name not provided
Location: Fort Worth,TX
My name is Linda and I always wanted to be a fashion model but due to my small breasts, I was repetitively rejected at an audition. I was very depressed because of this but then finally I decided to have Breast Implants. I searched a lot and finally found a recognized doctor in my neighborhood. There was no pain during the surgery because I was in a general anesthesia. However, I felt unexpected pain in my chest, which soon became unbearable. Moreover, it felt like someone is stretching my skin and I cannot even express my feelings in words. I was on complete bed rest for one week, during this period the only way I had to control pain was taking painkillers. The surgery was also quiet expensive but the results it showed are remarkable. Now it has been a year and I am enjoying my impressive looks with attractive breasts. I did not experience any significant side effects of breast implants. However, my friend also tried this treatment but after even one month, she sometimes feels pain in her chest that is quite tolerable. This surgery also helped me start a career in modeling and I have been showstopper in many shows.

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