Breast Augmentation for a confidence boost

Breast Implants: Worth it

Cost: $7500
Pain: Painfree
Breast Implants satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Breast Implants provider: Name not provided
Location: Los Angeles, CA
I've been insecure about my appearance since I had a mastectomy due to cancer. After dealing with the emotions of my diagnosis and surgery, I realized that it was a mistake to not get implants when I had the mastectomy. I spoke to my doctor, who agreed that breast augmentation would be a great thing for me to do. The surgery was easy, and much less frightening than the mastectomy. Recovery was just what I expected, not too bad overall. I can't express enough what the surgery did for my confidence. Being cancer free gave me a new lease on life, and my breast augmentation made me feel beautiful again.

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