Artefill Fixed My Worry Lines

Artefill: Worth it

Cost: $1550
Pain: Painfree
Artefill satisfaction: Very Good  

I recommend my Artefill provider: Name not provided
Location: San Francisco, CA
I had very prominent worry lines on my face, which made me look very funny so I decided to get Artefill treatment for that. The treatment caused a bit pain but that was acceptable. I was given three injections of a fluid and after every injection, my doctor use to rub my skin very gently and wait for about half an hour before giving the next injection. The whole treatment took about two hours and after that, I had very swelled face. After the recovery time I was not satisfied with the results and complained about it, however my doctor told me that it would take some time to show the results. After a month, I felt that my worry lines are getting lighter and there were very light worry lines after two months. Now I am planning to have another session of Artefill treatment to remove those lines completely.

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