Artefill artistry

Artefill: Worth it

Cost: $1600
Pain: Mild
Artefill satisfaction: Excellent  

I recommend my Artefill provider: Name not provided
Location: Seattle, WA
I love, love, love my PS! She is an artist with a syringe! She suggested using Artifill for my nasolabial folds and to enhance my chin and jaw line just a bit. I was reluctant because it is a permanent filler (lasts 5 years!). Although I had never had any issues with her work, permanent is a long time. I was in her office for maintenance work, when I saw another patient leaving. I know this woman, and she looked fabulous! I asked what she had done and she told me Artefill. That was when I took the leap! I let her do the allergy test that day. I am not exaggerating when I say my PS is an artist with a syringe. My weak chin and slightly jowly jaw is gone. The deep nasolabial folds are still there but much more softened. Not all the way gone, I don't think that would appear natural. For the first few days, I noticed a little more swelling and bruising then I usually get. I could also see how good it was going to look as soon as I got home. Best part is, that's it, no maintenance required for five years!

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