An Amazing Skin Exfoliation Treatment With No Side Effects

Dermaplaning: Worth it

Cost: $650
Pain: Painfree
Dermaplaning satisfaction: Excellent  

I recommend my Dermaplaning provider: Name not provided
Location: San Francisco, CA
Few weeks ago, my face was filled with acne scars and fine lines were present around my eyes. Then one day, I came across a commercial promoting Dermaplaning treatment, which really made me think that I should go for it. The procedure was quite scary at first because the surgeon used some sterile surgical blade on the face. However, later on he told me that the blade like instrument is Dermatome and it will remove all dead skin from my face and will make it all even. They used local anesthetic right before the treatment so I did not experience any pain. However, I could feel a bit burning sensation and my face was swelled a lot after the treatment of Dermaplaning. I can simply tell that the results of Dermaplaning were quite amazing and almost all acne scars were vanished. Moreover, the black spots that I had since my teenage were also gone.

April 25, 2011Comments and replies (1)

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Comments (1)

  • Jasmine 05/23/2012
    I have dark hair and medium to light skin. I went to Sona for bnkiii and underarm hair removal and it didn't work. After 5 treatments (they wrote me a voucher for a free 6th and didn't honor it) only about 40% of my hair is gone. I would never go back there, and if I got more treatments I would go somewhere cheaper. I would not recommend it. My stepmom went to a cheaper place and had the exact same results.

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