Affirm over long term is destructive

Affirm Laser: NOT worth it

Cost: $1600
Pain: Severe
Affirm Laser satisfaction: Poor  

I do not recommend my Affirm Laser provider: Name not provided
Location: Seattle, WA
I was originally scheduled for a series of 3 Affirm treatments. The first one was very painful afterwards and after the second one, the nurse said she could only do one pass because I turned red so quickly and my skin was too thin. I never went back for the third treatment, the recovery period was way too uncomfortable. About 2 months after the 2nd treatment, I was telling anyone how great this procedure was. My skin was refreshed and even toned, I was very happy with the results. Now, 18 months after, and it is the absolute opposite. My glowing beautiful skin has dried out, the skin is unable to hold moisture now. I have the sensation of creepy crawley things sliding all over my face, all the time. There is also a tingling burning sensation around my mouth and chin. My sweat and oil glands are destroyed. The doctor who is treating me now explained that sometimes the treatment effects aren't seen for some time, it takes a while for the full effect to be known.

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