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  November 17, 2013 | SpaHub's Editors
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Eating well, getting plenty of rest and exercising are very important for a person's general well-being. When a person is not getting the proper combination of these elements, they will suffer both physically and emotionally. Mental health carries an equal weight in the balance that the body requires to function properly. Stress, depression and anxiety can cause a person to feel unwell. Mental health can also be affected by nutrition, fitness and sleep.
A person that feels well and is physically healthy is going to have a better overall state of being than a person that is ill or unfit. As trivial as it may sound, even the less significant components in life, such as the condition of your hair or the look of your makeup, can play into the way that you feel. All of these smaller pieces fit together as an overall picture of the body. When one piece is slightly out of place, it can affect all of those surrounding it. Balancing out the aspects of your health is not always an easy task, but the following calculators can help make this mission less encumbering.


  • Calorie Intake The daily caloric needs of each individual varies according to different factors. This calorie calculator will take your information into account and tell you the amount of calories that your body needs each day.
  • Determining Calories in Food If you are trying to track calories this calculator can make your life a lot simpler. It calculates the calories in a particular food simply by typing in the name.
  • Fiber Intake Calculate the amount of dietary fiber by meal.
  • Carbohydrate Intake If carbs are a concern, either due to weight loss or insulin sensitivity, then this calculator will easily convert the total number of calories in a meal and tell you how many of those came from carbohydrates.
  • Vitamin Calculator Find out the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals that your body needs according to your age and gender.
  • Protein Calculator Input your fitness goals, activity level and other variables to find out how much protein your body needs per day.
  • Nutrition Calculator This calculator will give you the nutrition totals for any type of food.
  • Nutrition Basics This quiz presents questions about portion size, minerals from food and other basic food knowledge.
  • Fast Food Calculator Packaged food that you buy in the grocery store already tells you the nutrition content, but when you go through the drive through of your local burger restaurant you don't always know what you are getting. This calculator helped you determine the fat and calorie intake from these foods.
  • Nutrition Facts for My Recipe If you have ever wondered about the nutritional information for grandma's homemade tortellini, this calculator is exactly what you need. It allows you to put in specific ingredients and then calculates everything down to the last milligram of sodium.
  • Healthy Food or Not Oftentimes a food will sound or look healthy and it is not until after you've consumed it that you find out it was not the best choice after all. This calculator lets you enter the nutrition facts along with the serving size and then tells you whether or not the portion meets nutritional standards.
  • Portion Calculator This online calculator tells you exactly how much food you need per portion. You can even calculate the amount of food that you will need for more than one person at a time.
  • Fat Intake Calculating your recommended fat intake is easy. Just enter your desired weight and the computation shows up on screen.
  • Water Consumption Calculator Staying hydrated is vital to your health. Dehydration can cause a feeling of malaise.


  • Average Walking Speed Walking is great form of exercise; knowing how fast you walk per hour can help you determine how many calories you are burning per day. Input the amount of time spent walking, along with the distance walked, into this calculator will tell you how many miles you are walking per hour.
  • Calculating Stride Length This calculator determines the length of each step you take so that you know exactly how many steps it should take you to reach 1 mile. This is useful for unmarked paths and other areas where you are otherwise unable to determine the length of your hike.
  • Calories Burned by Activity This calculator will determine how many calories you burn by taking into account the type and amount of exercise that you are getting.
  • Resting Metabolism Your body naturally burns a certain amount of calories each day by simply breathing and sleeping. This simple calculator gives you a basic idea of how many calories your body burns per day.
  • Body Mass Index Body mass index is used to help determine the state of your physical condition. Easily figure out your BMI by typing in your height and weight.
  • Advanced BMI Calculator This BMI calculator is little more advanced. It also takes into consideration your age and gender in order to determine your BMI, body description and weight percentile.
  • Assessing the Risk of Exercise Quickly compute whether or not you need to speak with your physician prior to beginning an exercise regimen.
  • Your Best Heart Rate When exercising, you should achieve the target heart rate that is correct for your body in order to see the best results from your exercise program. This rate is determined using your age, your resting heart rate and other factors.
  • Waist To Hip Ratio The distribution of fat on your body can actually tell you whether or not you are at high risk for heart disease. This calculator gives you the ratio percentage and informs you whether or not you were within an acceptable range.
  • Ideal Body Weight By entering your gender, frame size and height, this calculator will determine the best body for you.
  • Body Data Calculator This comprehensive calculator takes many factors into consideration before providing an assessment.
  • Figuring Body Fat Percentage Body fat percentage can be calculated by taking into account the measurements of specific areas on the frame. These sites, along with your age, weight and gender, will be used to calculate body fat percentage along with density and lean body mass.
  • Overall Fitness Find out your overall fitness score based on the standards presented by the U.S. Military.
  • Weight Loss Calculator This calculator figures out the amount of time it will take until you are able to reach your goal weight.

Emotional Wellness

  • Calculating Stress Excess stress can have a big impact on your health. Find out where your stress levels rate so you can take appropriate actions to counter the brunt of it.
  • Overall Stress Score This “stress test” evaluates the differing life factors that play into your overall stress level. 
  • Evaluating Depression Check your current state of mind and assess whether or not a visit with your doctor is in order.
  • Quantify Your Depression Level  If you are wondering about the current state of your emotions use this simple calculator to determine the likelihood that you may be experiencing depression.
  • Are You Getting Enough Sleep? There are certain physical indicators that can help you determine if you are getting enough sleep. Use this calculator to find out if you should increase the amount of shut eye that you get.
  • Figuring Sleep Debt If you know you're not getting enough shut eye, just how long will it take you to catch up on sleep this? This sleep debt calculator can tell you how long it will take to catch up on rest.
  • Anxiety Screening Quiz Anxiety affects your overall health much as typical stress. Knowing whether or not your symptoms are those of anxiety is sometimes difficult, but this quick quiz helps to define the matter.
  • Do Your Emotions Reflect Your Age? The calculator helps gauge the way that your emotions impact your actual age.
  • Planning for the Future Having a strong plan for your financial future can go a long way in affecting your emotional health. Use this calculator to determine if you are on the right track.
  • Total Happiness Your day to day happiness makes an impact on the emotional satisfaction that you have in life.
  • Emotional Health Quiz 17 statements are evaluated to give you the rating of your quality of life.


  • Determining the Presence and Rate of Hair Loss A quick calculator tells you the likelihood of hair loss.
  • Hair Growth Calculator This feature makes it easy for you to determine how long it will take to grow your hair out to the desired length.
  • Skin Tone Knowing the tone of your skin is very helpful when making decisions regarding skin care and product purchases.
  • Best Color Choices for You Specific colors can help give people an overall healthier appearance. Knowing the best colors for your tone will make choosing clothes and makeup easier.
  • Cosmetics Wizard Makeup, just like food, has a certain time period in which it must be used for the best results. This wizard can tell you the date the product was manufactured; no more wondering if the mascara is past its prime.
  • What SPF Do I Need? Using the proper amount of skin protection is important. This calculator lets you know the minimum that you should use.
  • Staying Safe in the Sun This calculator takes into account the UV index, your skin type and other factors to tell you how long you will be safe in the sun with the SPF that you have applied.
  • Skin Type Some people have dry skin; others have oily skin. Some have a combination of both. Knowing which you have can help you make good choices
  • Life Expectancy Your life expectancy can be approximated by taking into consideration your current health, medical history and genetics. This calculator will determine your life expectancy along with showing a list of areas in your life that could be improved to help you live longer.
  • Frame Size If you have ever wondered what size your frame size is, this calculator will come in very handy. It converts numerous body measurements to let you know. Frame size is considered small, large or somewhere in between.
  • Facial Symmetry Symmetrical faces are said to appear more attractive than unsymmetrical faces. This calculator displays a number indicating the ratio of the symmetry of your face.