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  January 29, 2013 | SpaHub's Editors
Alternative Medicine service at Medical Spa
The term alternative medicine is used to outline forms of healing the human body from disease. These practices are separate from the conventional medicinal theories and practices commonly used in hospitals by trained doctors and nurses. They are referred to as alternative because they refer to a different or alternate approach to healing.
CAM covers many different practices that the National Centre for CAM, which is part of the National Institutes of Health, generally groups into five categories. Each of these identifies a group of treatments with similarities in characteristics. This helps users to be able to separately identify each group of treatments from the other.
  • 1. Alternative Medical Systems: It refers to systems of healing that is completely separate in terms of theory and even practice as compared to the contemporary forms of treatment and medicine widely used in the Western world by health professionals. Some examples include Homeopathy and acupuncture.
  • 2. Mind-Body Interventions: It refers to treatments that are based on the ability of the human mind to control the body and its responses to different stimuli or situations. It is based on the knowledge that the human body has an inbuilt way of reacting to different things and situation. Through the power of the mind, this knowledge is used to influence the body, which helps bring about necessary healing and restoration of the body during illnesses. Most of these practices hail from the east and are used along conventional medicine to achieve healing or improved management of certain chronic ailments such as cancer. Some examples include yoga and hypnosis.
  • 3. Biologically-Based Therapies: As the name suggests, this method of treatment is based on the use of biologically based supplementation as a complement to conventional medicine. It refers to solutions that are extracted from nature's flora, fauna, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics and amino acids derived extracts among others. In this category you will also encounter different diets and functional foods that have been discovered to have a positive healing effect on combating different ailments. Some good examples include the use of dietary supplements and herbal medicines.
  • 4. Manipulative and Body-Based Methods: This form of treatment involves the movement of different parts of the body in different ways based on knowledge of the system and structure of the body's anatomy in an attempt to restore health. In this category we have chiropractic and massage therapy.
  • 5. Energy Therapies: It involves the use of energy fields to bring about healing or relief from ailments or some of their debilitating symptoms. These methods are found in two categories: bio electromagnetic based therapy and bio field therapy. The first uses electromagnetic fields to affect the body in positive ways while the second involves the use of energy fields in and around the patient's body for healing. This includes therapeutic touch and Reiki.
Similar to a day spa, medical spas offer treatments for the overall improvement of health versus beauty. In increasing numbers medical spas are also providing alternative medicine services such as massages, acupuncture and aromatherapy. Alternative medicine relies on diverse methodologies as well as cultural inspirations for maximum health benefit. By using this non-conventional approach to healing in cooperation with conventional medicine, medical spas and day spas are able to offer a wider range of healing services.

Whole Medical Systems

Whole medical systems refer to complete forms of healing with their own theoretical and practical approach used when dealing with disease. They normally have a history of being in place even before and completely separate from the conventional form of medicine mostly used in the western world. There are also entire medical systems that have originated from the western world and these include Osteopathic and chiropractic practices.
Forms of these treatments that have originated from other cultures include Native American medicine, Ayurveda, Unani and Chinese medicine among others. In the United States examples of complete medical systems include homeopathy and naturopathy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

This is a traditional form of healing originating from china with a history encompassing 2000+ years of medicinal practices. It includes administering different herbal medicines, using physiological therapies such as acupuncture and massage, as well as following the recommendation of different exercises and diets to overcome ailments.
In this form of healing, ailments are defined as a lack of balance in the normal functions of the human body and the forms of treatment are based on attempts to restore balance and free the body from disease. It also attempts to heal disease from the perspective of the mind, body and spirit in regards to the laws and patterns that govern nature to restore balance and bring relief. Examples include acupuncture, and use of Traditional Chinese Herbs.
  • American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Offers certified Masters and Doctoral degrees programs in alternative medicine, specifically relating to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture as well as certificates in massage therapy.
  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine - A look at TCM showing the main concepts involved, as well as modes of treatment administered with an added look at some of the issues to expect during and after the treatments.
  • University of Maryland Medical Center - Offers a total guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine that includes informative details on how it's used as well as its origins.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Association & Alumni - Supports the use of acupuncture and aims to inform the public about this form of alternative medicine in addition to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • NCCAM provides in-depth knowledge and resources on Traditional Chinese Medicine encompassing the principles governing its use as well as the different forms of treatment available and any issues expected to result from the treatments.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayervedic Medicine is a Hindu form of healing that is also referred to as the knowledge of life. It is thought to be the oldest form of healing in the world and is based on two principles; the protection of health and preservation of long life, and the elimination of illness and dysfunctions associated with the human body. Its healing techniques are holistic, with approaches aimed at dealing with the body, mind and spirit to create harmony, prolong life and promote sound health.
  • Use Caution With Ayurvedic Products - Ensure you carry out personal research on recent available products based on reviews by people who have used them. Some of these products are not backed by the FDA, so peer reviews can be valuable.
  • The National Institute Of Ayurvedic Medicine - This is your source for original ayurvedic medicinal treatments as well as any information you need on the treatments.
  • Ayurveda - The Science of Life: Health & Longevity - get informed on the 3 doshas in Aryuveda Vatha, Pitta and Kapha. You will also be enlightened on the Panchkarma, the art of rejuvenation and get information on the Ayurvedic diet as well as knowledge on the factors affecting our health in these modern times.
  • NAMA - National Ayurvedic Medical Association - An organization that is a symbol of the Ayurvedic profession in the USA representing Aryuvedic practitioners in America.
  • Ayurveda Resource Guide - A literary depiction on the healing discipline of Aryuveda provided by the Alternative Medicine Foundation.


Homeopathic (home-ee-oh-PATH-ic) medicine is a form of treatment that involves the use of highly diluted, minute doses of certain natural substances which in a normal human being could produce symptoms of illness but in unhealthy human beings triggers healing. This form of treatment is based on the thought that it is possible to treat like with like albeit ensuring small doses are used. These doses are offered in tablet form and are based on the homeopaths study of the specific symptoms that are manifested by an ailment in each individual patient.
  • Homeopathic medicine - Which is defined as a form of alternative medicine for different techniques of healing and treatments, based on the underlying principle that the body has an innate ability to self heal.
  • Using Homeopathy - Gives information on the right ways of using homeopathy for the best results including; the different doses of medication needed, their potency as well as the uses they are good for and how they are supposed to be administered.
  • American Institute of Homeopathy - This is an organization whose goal is to focus on uplifting and supporting the practice of Homeopathy as well as promoting important information on Homeopathic treatments to people in the society.
  • Homeopathic Remedies - Are available for sale at, and this includes other forms of alternative treatments and medicines as well.
  • American Medical College of Homeopathy - Has offered excellent education in Homeopathy which has changed the face of health care and helped many individuals improve the quality of their lives by offering them better health. It has also given others the chance to work in the field of homeopathy with expert knowledge on the discipline.
  • Southwest Naturopathic Medical Center: Homeopathy: - An overview of Homeopathy and its uses around the world.
  • Seton Hospitals: What is Homeopathy: - An overview of homeopathy.


Naturopathic (nay-chur-o-PATH-ic) medicine Is a form of treatment that relies on nature, hence the name. It involves the use of non-invasive solutions with as little use of medicines and surgical procedures as possible and focuses on the body's natural ability to heal itself as well as the use of substances that are found to occur naturally such as herbs. It's based on six core beliefs; taking up treatments that expose patients to the least amount of risk if any, addressing the root of the illness as opposed to focusing on symptoms, educating patients on how to maintain their health, treating each patient on an individual basis, promoting the power of self healing inherent in human beings and extending the concept of health and well being to the world.
  • Definition of Naturopathic Medicine Which is a source of information that can be accessed from American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.
  • Naturopathic Medicine Training Aims to assist doctors in adopting the practice of focusing on the patient's body as a whole, as well as help them to focus on providing pertinent information on how patients can be expected to maintain their physical well being after treatment and prevent any future ailments.
  • The Basics of Naturopathic Medicine: Which is a course provided by Bastyr University in Washington providing basic knowledge on Naturopathy that is great for beginners.
  • Naturopathy Cure - To get more information on the different types of Naturopathic Remedies in existence and the health benefits accrued from them, visit the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)

Mind-Body Therapies

Mind-body medicine is a treatment that focuses on using the power of the mind to bring healing to the body. Naturally this form of treatment includes practices such as yoga, massage, hypnosis, meditation, music therapy among others. It also uses the knowledge that emotional, mental and spiritual factors can have a beneficial or adverse effect on health and that by sorting the issues on these level people can bring healing to the body.
This means that patients are taught to use the mind to bring balance to their emotions by focusing positive energy on themselves to bring about favorable change in their health. This technique is used to help patients overcome harmful practices such a substance abuse, emotional challenges such as depression and anxiety as well as cope with the harrowing treatment of chronic ailments such as chemotherapy in fighting cancer. It is also used to bring about successful physiological procedures such as child birth in which women are taught breathing techniques in advance to help them deal with the demand of the birth process.
  • Mind-Body Therapies Is a complete guide on the various treatments available to many from the mind-body form of alternative medicine
  • Mind-Body Therapies for Depression - This include certain forms of alternative treatments like yoga and acupuncture that can help improve the bouts of negative moods caused by depression and help ease any other symptoms they may experience.
  • Integrative Pain Management with Mind-Body Therapies - Which places importance on the contribution of the mind to the intensity of pain as well as the forms of disability resulting from chronic pain.
  • Mind-Body Therapies for Cancer Patients - This helps cancer patients to ease the stress they experience while dealing with the disease and provide a way to fight it through the use of Mind- Body Therapy techniques.
  • Mind-Body Medicine Research Group  - Focuses on the ability of the mind and any thoughts originating from it such as depression having the ability to influence the persons physical as well as mental well being
Some examples of mind body medicine include:
Psychotherapy: Focuses on addressing the state of a patient's mental health, so as to be able to address certain negative aspects of their physical health. It's based on the knowledge that some ailments have their origin in the negative mental state of a patient. Here therapists listen to patients, giving them an opportunity to voice their concerns and can combine this with certain medication. It is very beneficial if not in healing, then in hastening the process of healing in individuals. It's also an aid in treating certain somatic illnesses which is an illness without an apparent cause.
Breathing Techniques: A way of using breathing patterns to slow down the body and help people cope with daily stresses which in turn helps avoid the development of diseases such as high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and even depression. It is also used in preparing expectant women for labor, helping them cope with the pains in the birthing process. People suffering from anxiety also benefit from this form of therapy which helps them manage panic attacks.
Meditation: This is a technique that is based on focusing mental energies on positive ways of thinking geared towards promoting emotional, spiritual and physical well being. It's believed to offer mental clarity and emotional balance that leads to total physical well being and helps avoid illness thought to be as a result of certain imbalances.
Imagery: This is based on the use of the human beings capacity to imagine certain things as well as emotions to help them overcome negative habits, attitudes and physical reactions. This involves either using ones own initiative to create and imagine the right scenario based on their ailment or a guided exercise with the help of a professional. For example imagining relief being applied like a healing balm on any part of the body experiencing chronic pain or imagining a large army of white blood cells attacking the pathogens responsible for ailments they are suffering from and defeating them.
Yoga Therapy: Includes the use of the different types of yoga with a variety of poses geared towards bringing about relaxation thus improving circulation of blood and oxygen. It also helps in releasing tension as well as improving the strength of the limbs to help in physical recovery from illness in convalescents. Lastly it conditions patients into adopting the right kind of breathing techniques which helps in better posture and overall health.
Kundalini: Meaning "coiled power"; in Sanskrit, is the body's corporal energy that is coiled at the base of the spine. Kundalini is beneficial in that it aids in easing the pain of childbirth, emotional shock or certain traumatic injuries. Biofeedback: This is the use of medical machines that measure different aspects and functions of the human body to return feedback to a patient. This feedback helps them identify the effect that certain emotions and thoughts have on their physical functions. This include the effect on their blood pressure, brain waves and temperature among others characteristics. By observing this feedback they are able to identify what to adopt in order to maintain normal functioning and to avoid courting diseases such as high blood pressure and gastro-intestinal disorders. Biofeedback is often used as a relaxation technique for people who suffer from depression, anxiety or high blood pressure, for example.
Hypnotherapy: This is where patients are put into a state of total physical relaxation coupled with advanced mental clarity in an attempt to accept certain suggestions from the therapist into their sub conscious. When done successfully, hypnosis can help the patient to cope with medical conditions or gain better control over detrimental behavior. This may be an attempt to overcome certain negative habits such as addiction and substance abuse as well as bring healing from certain illnesses with an emotional origin such as depression.
Physical Therapy: Is therapy specific to the human body, aimed at improving certain functions that are abnormal either from injury or as a result of certain disorders. They are aimed at strengthening the body, encouraging movement, reducing stiffness and swelling in joints. It generally assists patients to recover from physical problems and become fully functional and able to do as they please without the need for intervention from others in form of assistance.
Trigger Point Therapy: This involves the pressing of certain points of the human body to bring relief from pain and to release any tension. It also includes massaging and stretching the limbs in an attempt to increase mobility and help deal with stiffness of muscles and joints. Patients are also assigned simple daily exercise routines that are supposed to help them maintain or improve the benefits accrued during therapy.
Dance Therapy: A form of therapy geared at fostering increased self esteem, better body image as well as assist patients in overcoming insecurities, depression and anxieties. It helps in developing communicative skills and provides an outlet for emotional tension caused by things like trauma.
Support Groups: These are used to help people dealing with a certain ailment or undergoing a certain treatment to be able to share their experiences and give each other, as the name suggests, support. It's based on the idea that it is therapeutic to share with someone who has been in or is undergoing the same kind of experience as opposed to talking to someone who is a stranger to the process and only has theoretical knowledge of it.
It has been scientifically proven that long term survivors of certain chronic ailments have been members of support groups, which means that they are effective towards helping patients manage and overcome certain diseases such as cancer or addiction.

Biologically Based Practices

This approach aims at supplementation, using naturally occurring foods, herbs and nutrients. It attempts to use nature to treat certain diseases and even includes the taking of herbal concoctions and supplementing the diet with vitamins.
  • An overview of the Biologically Based Practices Provides information on the benefits of vitamins, minerals, proteins and whole diets that can be of benefit to the human body in combating different illnesses.
  • Biologically based health practices Encompass the different treatments found in conventional medicine as well as alternative and complimentary forms of healing.
  • Biologically based therapies Are based on the use of natural substances to bring about healing or improvement in human health. They involve treatments such as diet therapy and orthomolecular medicine among others.
  • WebMD which is a great source of information on the various forms of biologically based therapies available and their definitions.
  • Using Dietary Supplements Wisely - Arm yourself with necessary information on any safety considerations or FDA rules associated with dietary supplements that you are interested in using.
  • Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act Passed by Congress in the year 1994 after a big public debate on the importance of dietary supplements in bringing about health and improving the body's immunity.
Some examples of biologically based medicine include:
Aromatherapy uses the aromatic essential oils of varied plants to stimulate certain responses through the sense of smell. It can be used for a number of purposes, including stress management, high blood pressure and even promote healing. Diet therapy: It advocates for the use of certain diets that aim at helping people heal or be able to manage certain medical conditions more effectively. Some of these diets are accepted in conventional medicine as being beneficial in combating or even reversing certain problems such as clogged arteries or organ regeneration. Some are focused on reducing the risk of contracting certain ailments such as heart problems especially in people with above average cholesterol levels. Examples include;
Herbal medicine: Based on a traditional form of healing that involvs the use of naturally occurring leaves, roots, berries and flowers to treat various ailments. It functions outside the borders and ethics of conventional medicine as it does not encourage the use of any chemicals but is based strictly on the use of the products of nature as medicine. It has improved and evolved over time, in terms of the type, quality and the means by which the different herbs are produced. It has over time been subjected to strict analysis to ensure it's safe for human use and produced in the right kind of environment as opposed to traditional practices which involved certain crude measures such as using a pestle and mortar to grind ingredients and administering the results through different cuts on the body.
Natural Products: This involves the use of naturally occurring substances such as herbs, substances sourced from animals, pre and pro biotics that are beneficial living organisms as well as functional foods, vitamins and minerals.
Orthomolecular medicine: This involves the use of nutrition to diagnose the cause of illness in a patient as well as to find the right form of treatment for each individual based on the results. Therapists check on the body and what its deficiencies are in terms of diet as well as what is in the patient's diet that may be causing a negative reaction such as inflammation, common in auto immune diseases. This treatment also relies on the idea that the human body can benefit from nutrients exceeding the recommended daily allowance. This form of treatment is used to treat people on an individual basis meaning tailor made diets are recommended to the patient by a practitioner.
Probiotics:Beneficial live micro organisms are traditionally introduced into the human digestive system for the purpose of improving its functions. There is a balance between good and bad bacteria which is supposed to provide optimum conditions for the digestive system to function at its best. However, an imbalance such as a reduction in good bacteria may render it impossible to control the proliferation of bad bacteria which will lead to problems in digestion as well as issues such as yeast infections in women and serious diarrhea in children. In such cases certain natural substances can be ingested to regain the balance such as eating yogurt, fermented products such as milk, miso as well as pro biotic capsules and tablets.
Chelation therapy: This is the use of a certain drug to attach to certain minerals or metals deemed to be in excess and aid in their expulsion from the body. It is meant to work in the same way that the body binds certain toxins to certain minerals in order to facilitate their passage through the kidney without damaging it. This kind of therapy has been used in dealing with lead poisoning, mercury poisoning and arsenic poisoning using DMSA also known as Dimercaptosuccinic acid.
Herbology: The study of the herbs and plants that are used for medicinal purposes. They are often used as supplements as opposed to medications.

Energy Therapies

Energy therapies are based on the use of certain CAM treatments geared at using energy fields to either channel healing into patients or draw out negative energy causing illnesses. They even facilitate the free flow of energy within the body in a manner that is beneficial to the healing of the body and helps it to regain its correct balance.
This form of healing falls under various categories some of which include. Therapeutic touch, Qigong, contact healing among others. Healers using these techniques are viewed as mere channels through which the energy that is always present around us is passed on to the patient in an attempt to clear any blockages, energize the flow to make circulation better, as well as bring the right balance of energy back to the body resulting in an overall physical as well as mental relief for the patient.
  • Energy Medicine Where interested readers can get information on its origin, the different forms of it in use and any scientific research done on this form of alternative medicine.
  • The Energy Medicine Institute Which aims at bringing beneficial change to the quality of Medical Care in use in these modern days.
  • Article on Energy Medicine Which looks at a number of different ways of using measurable energy fields in deciphering illness affecting certain individuals as well as the treatment necessary to overcome them.
  • Energy Medicine resource Is made available to people by university research.
  • The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture Is a private non-profit organization that creates, advertises and oversees the examinations and certifications for Chinese herbology in treatments such as acupuncture.
Energy therapies are based on the use of two types of energy fields:
  • Biofield therapies: In this category we have certain treatments such as Reiki, shen and therapeutic touch. It is described as healing through the laying of hands and involves the transfer of healing energy from healer to patient along with the manipulation of the inherent healing energy present inside every human being. This Bio field, as the name suggests, refers to a field of energy that is located in the human body and at least 18 inches above the human body. The healer works by touching the body itself to connect with the energy within the body. By holding the open palms face down a few inches over the patient's body, within the parameters of the bio field, they to tap into and give direction to the life giving energy and help address the needs of the patient. The existence of these energy fields has not been scientifically proven but there are people who claim to believe in and receive great benefits from such treatments.
  • Bioelectromagnetic based therapies: This involves not only the treatment of ailments but also the promotion of longevity as well as prevention of certain diseases by using electromagnetic fields. It's known to be helpful in the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as atherosclerosis, Multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. A good example is the use of magnetic therapy to help manage pain in arthritis whereby patients wear magnetic jewelry or braces next to their problem joints such as the wrist and backs which greatly helps in pain management. Other forms of this treatment include light therapy.
Acupuncture (AK-yoo-pungk-cher) is a traditional Chinese method of healing that is quite old, which involves the use of numerous needles on specific parts of the body to stimulate healing from different ailments by either realizing the flow of blocked energy or improving circulation of healing energy within the body. Acupuncture is also combined with the giving of certain Chinese herbal remedies as well as specific massages, coupled with advice on the kind of dietary and lifestyle changes to adopt in order to improve health and keep illnesses at bay by building immunity. It can also be used to improve certain body functions and help them work at an optimum such as issues of reproduction, digestion and mental clarity.
Magnetic therapy involves the use of magnets to bring relief to people suffering from certain diseases or undergoing pain in different parts of their body. In this category we have the use of magnetic bangles to relieve pain in the joints. This is based on the theory that the human body does have some electromagnetic impulses that originate from certain parts as well as cells or body tissue which are thrown off balance in times of illness or physical injury. By using magnetic devices, they correspond to and help readjust the magnetic fields within the body, causing a proper balance to be achieved.
Body Talk is a simple way of restoring healing to the body by helping it regain its right balance using a completely non invasive method of healing which works at getting to the root cause of the problem and addressing it in a way that will end up providing a lasting solution. Sessions involve a step by step assessment of the body to identify any problems in terms of dysfunction. Once the problem area is identified then there is a shift to using a certain form of Yoga to stimulate healing which means it jump starts the human system to not only identify the problem but also heal itself and bring the whole system back to its required balance.
Healing Touch is a treatment that involves gentle touches on the body strategically directed at stimulating it to heal itself and come back to its rightful balance. It is also a form of non invasive therapy, where the patient can expect light touches on certain parts of the body as well as around- it within the zone known as the bio field to help bring back vitality to the body as well as healing from ailments. Apart from healing, patients benefit from improved relaxation as well as reduced pain and they even come out of sessions in a better mood because the body is reacting to the positive change manifested through the restoration of the proper balance.
Meridian Tapping Techniques involve addressing certain ailments or physical disturbances resulting from the buildup of negative emotions in the system. It's solved using certain exercises where the negative emotion/s in questions are identified one by one with the patient being encouraged to speak out loud, positive statements counteracting these negative emotions as well as focus on positive emotions. It's meant to help patients reorganize their way of thinking and hence by dealing with the undesirable emotion in question, they will be able to get rid of the ailment associated with it automatically.
Qigong is a powerful form of Chinese healing which involves using breathing techniques combined with meditation as well as specific moderate movements to detoxify, strengthen and improve distribution or circulation of qi ,which is thought to be the life giving energy. It is supposed to bring about better frame of mind as well as a balanced body system by promoting better health and improved supply of energy as well as mental relaxation and clarity. All aspects focus on certain postures, specific breathing techniques as well as disciplining the mind.
Prayer is considered by health professionals to belong to the group of energy healings that occur from bio fields. It's based on the fact that there is a great energy or life force from which one can receive healing as well as bring back balance in the life of an individual that is necessary for peak performance. This force is referred to in different ways, in different communities such as Qi in Chinese traditional medicine and ki in Japanese traditional medicine.
Reiki (RAY-kee): in Japanese, it means Universal life energy that is based on the laying of hands on where the life force referred to as Ki, is transferred from healer to patient through the palms in order to restore balance. It can be used in collaboration with other forms of therapy or medical solutions to promote faster healing. Reiki can also be self-administered which means patients can use it on themselves as long as they undergo an atonement. This makes it a simple technique that can be used by all to promote personal healing and well being.
Tai chi is a slow and meditative form of exercise which is meant to assist users to gain balance, improve their health as well as attain relaxation. Movements are governed by a series of movements referred to as sets, characterized by a smooth and effortless transition from one movement to the other. Its benefits include enabling the optimum circulation of qi within the body, enhancing mental clarity and calmness. In people with the certain alignment, it can help correct this as well a foster better posture and balance which can be very beneficial for people recovering from injuries.
Therapeutic Touch is a therapy based on energy to help in promoting healing and reducing physical pain as well as emotional disturbances such as stress. Therapists work on the bio field, which is the unique energy zone that surrounds each individual. They then direct this energy in ways that result in the healing of ailments or a better flow that fosters optimum health and a tranquil state of mind. It is based on the benefits to be accessed through balancing of this energy and bringing it to work in perfect harmony. This helps bring about growth and peace of mind as well as a mental clarity that promotes better living. In case of any ailments, a balanced system such as this one is able to self heal and regulate as needed which translates to strong immunity.
Touch for Health is a holistic attempt at helping the human body to perform at its best and be in the best shape, using different approaches such as nutritional guidance, acupuncture, massage and certain aspects of applied kinesiology. This is used to identify the unique needs of each individual and meet them for optimum performance and overall improvement in all areas such as physical well being, emotional health, spiritual balance and mental clarity.

Manipulative and body-based therapies

This form of therapy involves physically manipulating different parts of the body such as joints, circulatory systems, lymph nodes and even certain soft tissue to bring about self healing in the body. It's based on a way of thinking that relies on the fact that certain parts of the body are intertwined with others and the well being of one translates to that of the other, as well as the fact that the human body has the innate ability to self heal and only needs the right environment to do so, which is a balanced one.
  • Raby Institute: Offers a total guide on manipulative and body - based forms of alternative medicine.
  • UCTV video: Shows some of the current research done on mind-body interventions; helping to answer the questions on whether there really is any healing power in Positive thinking
  • Benson-Henry Institute: Helps to give feedback to the questions out there regarding trying to find out what treatments and solutions are provided in Mind Body Medicine.
  • MentalHelp.Net: Which gives a general outline of different Manipulative and Body based Therapies with the addition of how they should be used, what they cost as well as any risks to be expected by users.
  • Allina Health: Helps to provide information on Manipulative Body based forms of treatment which are based on the human body and structure including bones, Lymphatic and circulatory systems among others.
Bowen Technique: Where the therapist uses their thumbs and fingers to apply gentle but precise pressure on a patient's soft tissue using specific rolling movements targeted at jump starting a healing process within the human body. Patients benefit from a feeling of complete mental relaxation coupled with over all well being.
Creative arts therapies: This involves the use of different forms of creative pursuits to bring about positive change on the patient, by improving their overall self esteem, improving their skills at communicating with others and raising their emotional state of being. It causes a sense of positive energy which benefits in helping them to properly deal with whatever issues they are affected with such as trauma or chronic ailments like leukemia.
Massage therapy: Is the gentle manipulation of the body using different forms of pressure, geared at helping them feel better physically as well as emotionally; while taking care of any aches and pains and alleviating stress by providing deep relaxation. The series of touches is varied, based on the effect the therapist is going for. It can include everything from stroking or kneading to applying gentle pressure to specific points on the body. It helps to release tension and feel good hormones as well as correcting any alignment issues that may be causing discomfort such as kinks in the neck from a buildup of tension. Therapists have been known to use this method to detoxify the body through the different lymph nodes located all over the body therefore draining out the negative energy.
Chiropractic: Is a form of CAM whose main focus is to restore the health of the body by working on the basic human structure with emphasis on the human spinal cord. If aligned in the proper way it brings a positive effect on the surrounding nerves which transmit a sense of well being all over the body.
Osteopathic: Deals with any problems originating from the musculoskeletal system. By dealing with any imbalances in this area, a sense of relief is experienced throughout the body system. According to this method, the harmony of body parts are intertwined, with the well being of one part hinging on that of another that may seem completely unrelated. These therapists have knowledge of the different ways to manipulate and realign the body system to restore balance and promote optimum health and performance as well as relieve any pain.
Acupressure Is very similar to acupuncture with the exception that it uses pressure as opposed to needles to relieve pain, stress and other ailments. Pressure is applied to various strategic parts of the body to stimulate the nerves and muscles. The resulting responses encourage deep relaxation and increased circulation.
Craniosacral therapy: This form of therapy focuses on the wave like rhythm of the pulse that is transmitted throughout the body and uses this to manipulate the human skull and help relieve any pain or tension. This can be received at the hands of an Osteotherapist, since it is considered an extension of osteopathy and can help in treating stress, back pains as well as stiff necks and aches.
Alexander Technique: Is a discipline that deals with teaching the right postures, from sitting to standing and even moving to help prevent unnecessary strain on the body from the use of excessive amounts of force. This technique aims at correcting the harmful habits we have collected over time leading to bad posture and the wrong techniques in walking and standing ultimately culminating in chronic back pains, stiff necks, flat feet and frozen shoulders. In time beneficiaries show improvement in posture as well as walking, which ultimately translates to healing of certain aches and pains.
Structural integration: Is the use of deep tissue massage, which is aimed at correcting the body alignment which is supposed to help in overall better health. It requires a number of sessions to help correct any misalignments by massaging the surrounding body tissues and organs in specific ways.
Spinal manipulation: This is practiced in a number of disciplines as indicated previously from osteopathy, chiropractic and even physical therapy among others. They manipulate the spine using specific techniques or machinery to put a certain amount of controlled force on different joints on the spine to help relieve pain and improve mobility and other functions of the body.
Rolfing: This is another form of structural integration named after its creator, Ida Rolf. It was created with the intention of gently manipulating the soft tissue of the body to assist in realigning the body and rebalancing it. This is in an attempt to take care of any issues of pain, improved energy, better flexibility and less tension in the muscles.
Reflexology: Refers to the practice of putting pressure on certain parts of the body that are believed to correspond to certain organs and body tissues, which helps clear any blocked energy, drain toxins out of the body and help keep disease and pain at bay. It can also be used to help people deal with anxiety by offering mental relief.
Postural Re Education: This involves helping people get back to the right posture and ways of walking as well as develop focus and awareness towards movements. This guards against injury and helps put the body in a perfect mode to be able to self heal any injuries and take care of any issues with chronic pain that have resulted from poor posture and the wrong ways of moving.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR): This helps individuals get rid of any accumulated tension in every part of their body, helping foster relaxation. It's based on the school of thought that muscular tension is caused by anxiety and by relaxing each muscle there is no room for anxiety- which leads to better health and physical well being.
Tui Na: This can be described as a Chinese massage technique that treats chronic pain. It's especially targeted towards musculoskeletal pain. This is done by using different forms of pressure using fingers, knuckles and even certain massage tools to help unblock and restore free flow of chi as well as alleviate muscle and joint pains. It also promotes relaxation although it is geared towards therapy as opposed to just a relaxing massage.
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