Sep 30, 2010 | SpaHub's Editors

Alternative Medicine and Medical Spas. Similar to a day spa, medical spas offer treatments for the overall improvement of health versus beauty. In increasing numbers medical spas are also providing alternative medicine services such as massages, acupuncture and aromatherapy. Alternative medicine relies on diverse methodologies as well as cultural inspirations for maximum health benefit.

Water: An Important Natural Resource Used Every Day. Water is a liquid that is essential for the survival of human beings and other living things. More than 60% of the weight of the human body is made up of water. Other than consuming water for survival, human beings also use the liquid for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from maintenance of hygiene to production of energy.

Find Health and Wellness Calculators. Eating well, getting plenty of rest and exercising are very important for a person's general well-being. When a person is not getting the proper combination of these elements, they will suffer both physically and emotionally. Mental health carries an equal weight in the balance that the body requires to function properly. Stress, depression and anxiety can cause a person to feel unwell. Mental health can also be affected by nutrition, fitness and sleep.

A Complete Medical, Health, and Wellness Guide for Young Women. As a girl grows up to be a young woman, so must her knowledge so that she is able to understand her body and become her own health advocate. The urgent need to bridge the gap of information for adolescent girls is a concern for parents and organizations such as the World Health Organization. In today's society, there is an urgent need for education, clinical care, research and health care advocacy for adolescent girls and young women.

A Complete Medical Guide for Stress and Stress Management. Stress can be defined as the body’s response to a physical or mental demand. It’s not necessarily bad. When stress is triggered by physical danger, it can give people a boost in strength and energy to escape from a threatening situation. On the other hand, stress can be bad when it’s set off by emotions simply because the extra energy and strength is trapped within.

How to Achieve a Better Nights Sleep. In our busy world, people like to burn the candle at both ends. We try to milk as much activity out of our 24 hours a day as possible. With all the things that we try to make time for, the thing that we need to make the most time for, is the thing we make the least of a priority. This is the function of sleeping.

A Guide To Quick Relaxation Techniques. In today's world, life can come at you quickly and hard, leaving your nerves on end and your body stressed. Learning how to relax can improve not only your quality of life but also your productivity and overall mood. While there are several relaxation exercises you can learn and do almost anywhere, they all begin with getting as comfortable as possible, letting your mind wander and focusing on surrounding sounds while breathing as naturally as possible.

The First Resort for Spa and Pool Safety Resources. While pools and spas can provide family fun year round, parents and caregivers must educate themselves in potential safety hazards for both themselves and the children in their care. It is also equally important that children of all ages are educated in pool and spa safety. For this reason, several private, public and government organizations have made water safety a priority and provide the public with useful resources to keep both adults and children safe, while still enjoying the pool or relaxing in a spa.

The Top 10 Training Schools for the Spa Industry. Recent years have seen a shift to a more organic, holistic lifestyle. Due to the busy nature of most people's lives, they are looking more and more to not only pamper themselves but to take care of their bodies in a natural and gentle way. While there has always been a strong market for hairstylists and estheticians, this change has increased the market for massage therapists and spa resorts.

Spa Treatments: Pedicures. Pedicures are a common beauty treatment that aid in the improvement of the nails and feet. During a pedicure, dead skin is removed, hard or rough skin is softened and the toenails are cut, cleaned and optionally painted. Some professional treatments also offer soothing creams and oils which are massaged into the feet.

Postpartum Depression - A Complete Guide and Medical Resources. Childbirth is one the most strenuous experiences in a woman’s life, but it can also be very fulfilling. It is common for women to feel extremely tired and overwhelmed after they give birth, and this sudden change of physical and emotional states can lead to mood swings, which may evolve into postpartum depression.