Sensual Massage

Massage is not confined to the spa. It’s a perfectly legit at-home activity too. And when you’re home with your significant other, you can spice up massage to become a more intimate experience; add a little love and some sultry touch to a traditional treatment and you’ve got sensual massage. But although sensual massage can be a wonderful at home, it’s not a service that’s available at North American spas. Spa vacations for couples do not involve sensual massages at spas but they can be the perfect romantic spa getaway either at a destination spa or just around the corner from your home. Read on to learn more about the rules associate with sensual massage and find out how you can enjoy this activity with your loved one.

What is sensual massage?

Sensual massage is any touch-based therapy that involves contact with the genitals. Traditionally, it was meant to be a relaxing service for stress relief. Nowadays, however, sensual massage is often associated with sexual intercourse. In sensual massage, one partner uses massage oil to rub, knead, and stroke pleasurable parts of the other’s partner’s body. The massage may or may not end with sex. Although it’s not within the scope of this site to teach you about the practice, there are many good books available that detail how to give a sensual massage. Sensual Massage: An Intimate and Practical Guide to the Art of Touch is a good resource for anyone interested in learning strong techniques.

Where can I get a sensual massage?

There are no legitimate spas in North America that offer sensual massages to customers. Therapists at spas are trained in therapeutic massage, not sensual massage, and their goal is always to relieve stress by working the soft tissues of the body in a nonsexual manner. Not only is the service unavailable at spas, but it’s also against spa etiquette and the law to ask for it. So if you’re at a day spa or a resort spa, you’re not in a place where it’s okay to ask for a happy ending. Many people, especially men, do ask for sexual touch during massage treatments, but this is inappropriate. If you ask for sensual massage, your therapist has the right to end the treatment and file a sexual harassment complaint. Don’t do it!
Your home is the ideal place for sensual massage. Share this very intimate experience with your spouse or loved one; a carefully performed sensual massage will lead to a night neither of you will ever forget!
One more note about getting a sensual massage: if you look hard enough you will find facilities posing as legitimate spas that offer sensual massage. Be aware that most of these enterprises are illegal and are often nothing more than fancy brothels. It’s in your best interest not to patronize anywhere that offers sensual massages for money; most often these places are breaking the law, and you could get in trouble for associating with them.

What will happen if I ask for sensual touch at a spa?

Sometimes, male clients will subtly ask their female therapists to give them sensual treatments. They may request that the therapist work lower or higher on their bodies, directing her toward their genitals. Usually, when this happens, a therapist will just ignore the client. If he persists, however, she might tell him he is being inappropriate or could discontinue the treatment. In severe cases, the therapist could file a sexual harassment complaint.
Men may feel that’s okay to ask for sensual treatments because of the nurturing touch they receive during a treatment. They may think that the massage therapist wants them to ask for sexual touch. But although men may perceive differently, the reality of the situation is that a massage is a professional activity without any sexual overtones. You might think that the touch associated with a massage is sensual, but it’s not.

The benefits of sensual massage

When done in an appropriate setting - not at a spa - sensual massage can be a great way to develop intimacy, relieve stress, and help with relaxation. Some people are nervous about introducing the possibility of sensual massage to their partners; rest assured that most people will enjoy the experience. When performed well, sensual massage can be an excellent remedy for tension and sore muscles. It’s meant to be calming, which can be a surprising purpose for people who equate sensual massage with sexual intercourse. In reality, however, the technique was developed to be sensual, not sexual. Of course, if you and your partner prefer to make sensual massage into a sexual act, you can.

Take-away tips:

Sensual massage is any touch therapy that involves contact with the genitals or other pleasurable parts of the body.
It’s not okay to ask for sensual massage at a spa. Massage therapists are trained in therapeutic massage, not sensual massage. If you ask for a sensual massage, you could be asked to leave.
Try sensual massage at home with your partner to develop intimacy and relax.