Top Iowa Spas for a Romantic Couples Weekend Getaway

Iowa's versatility as a tourism hot-spot guarantees that you'll find something to suit your fancy no matter what your personality. With beautiful settings for hiking, biking, and spending time in the great outdoors to a variety of national and artistic landmarks and many venues for indoor entertainment, you can't go wrong when you choose to spend your spa vacation in Iowa.

Spa Resorts

Iowa spa resorts provide the ideal venue for you to have both a great time and a relaxing one as well. With everything you want or need right on the resort, you can devote all of your energies to making lasting memories.
Honey Creek Resort on Rathbun Lake in Moravia, IA has something for every member of your family. From an indoor waterpark for the kiddos, PGA golf instructions and a championship course for the hubby, as well as fine dining, watersport and bike rentals, and much, much more, the others won't even miss you when you slip off to the on-site spa for an exquisite treatment.

Spa Hotels

Iowa's spa hotels are a spa-lover's best friend. Why? Because they allow you to spend the whole day, night, and even week at the very best place to be - the spa. If you ever do decide to get up off the treatment table, there are plenty of other things to do, see, and taste at these fabulous facilities.
Hotel Pattee in Perry, IA offers a luxurious and cultural experience for the whole family. Decorated with more than 130 pieces of local art, this boutique hotel is not only tastefully designed, but it's well-equipped as well. With a fitness center, on-site restaurant, and even a bowling alley, there's plenty of stuff to do. If you'd rather sit back and relax, visit the spa for a variety of massages.

Health Spas and Wellness Retreats

Iowa's health and wellness spas treat your entire person, not just your physical self. Because they know that inner comfort and beauty is even more important than outer, they offer much more than just traditional spa services.
The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Spa in Vedic City, Iowa is located in the rolling hills and forests of Iowa's heartland. An escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, this health spa is the only one in the country to offer a wellness program built around ayurvedic treatments. Return from the Raj not just feeling better, but being better as well.

Spa Vacations

An Iowa spa vacation can allow you to surrender your cares and focus on the good things in life - like fun, family, and relaxation. Choose a resort or hotel that fits your tastes and enjoy soothing spa treatments a la carte!
Riverside Casino & Golf Resort in Riverside, Iowa will cater to your whimsical side while indulging your craving for elegance and luxury as well. Here, you can enjoy world-class entertainment, fine dining at one of the five on-site restaurants, a professionally designed golf course, and all the excitement of a Las Vegas-style casino. To get away from it all and rev up for the next day's activities, enjoy a mesmerizing massage or spa treatment at the Spa at Riverside.

Destination Spas

Iowa's destination spas allow you the change of scenery you need to de-stress, prioritize, and learn to enjoy life again. With the awe-inspiring scenery, comforting accommodations, and superb spa treatments, the only thing you'll have a hard time doing here is leaving.
The Suites of 800 Locust in Des Moines, IA is a European-inspired boutique hotel that blends classical and modern decor with traditional and progressive amenities and services. You'll never know quite what to expect at this distinguished landmark, but you'll never be disappointed either. Their full-service spa offers eclectic treatments such as hydrotherapy, lymphatic massage, and Jin Shin Do.

Weight-Loss Spas

Iowa weight loss spas are experts in not only weight loss but comfort as well. Their innovative and research-based weight loss programs will have you looking better than ever without fad diets or starvation tactics.
Fresh Hair & Body Enhancement Salon & Spa blends the relaxation of a day spa experience with the science of a medical spa and weight loss clinic, and the style of an elite salon. Whether you crave a relaxing massage, need a new hairdo, or want to completely change your appearance with a noninvasive cosmetic procedure, or HCG diet, this spa has what you're looking for.

Luxury Spa Getaways

If you're feeling run-down and oppressed with the pressures of life, then an Iowa luxury spa getaway is overdue. Remember what it's like to live again, and be the one who's catered to for a change. These establishments will make your happiness and comfort their number one goal.
The Catfish Bend Inn & Spa is a playground for your senses. With an on-site casino, four delectable dining options to choose from, and free admission to a waterpark and baseball game, your fun meter will be filled to the top. When you're ready to relax, simply make your way to the spa for a massage, facial, or soak in the Jacuzzi.

Eco-Friendly Green Spas

Iowa eco-friendly green spas believe that everything we do in life should be guided by our love and appreciation for Mother Earth - even our pampering. That's why they strive to make their operating procedures and skin care products as Earth-friendly as possible.
At Metamorphosis Organic Massage & Organic Esthetics, almost everything used during your spa treatment from the towels and linens to the lotions applied during your massage is completely natural and organic. This spa's mission is to reduce, reuse, and recycle in order to help you relax, refresh, and revive.

Medical Spas

Making an appointment at an Iowa medical spa is the first step to creating a more attractive, younger-looking version of your old self. These facilities provide you with the latest in high-tech cosmetic procedures that cause change, not pain.
Envisions Medical Spa in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is dedicated to providing safe and effective medi-spa services in a friendly and warm environment. Their staff wants to work with you on an individual basis to determine which procedures are most likely to achieve the results you desire.

Fitness Spas

Iowa fitness spas combine the ultimate fitness experience with state-of-the art spa facilities to create a paradise-like environment for your body to begin looking and feeling its absolute best. With personal training, fitness classes, and a full range of spa services, you'll never dread going to the gym again.
Westside Fitness Salon & Spa in Dubuque, Iowa is your one-stop shop for all things wellness including both your body and soul. Not only does this eclectic facility offer spa and fitness services, but their medically trained staff offers nutritional advice, life counseling, and stress management programs as well.

Day Spas

An Iowa day spa obliterates the excuse of being too busy to take care of your personal wants and needs. Their efficient and rejuvenating spa services ensure that you stay on schedule and have the energy and motivation to keep up with your busy life.
Sahars Salon & Day Spa in Des Moines, IA is not your typical spa by any stretch of the imagination. Not only is it a spa, it's also a salon, medi-spa, fashion gallery, and cosmetic store. If you need something related to health and beauty, Sahars is guaranteed to have what you're looking for, and much more!