Top Indiana Spas for a Romantic Couples Weekend Getaway

Whether you're looking for the serenity of the Amish country or the excitement of a riverboat casino, then Indiana is the place to be. The resorts in the state are strategically placed so that you can experience the very best of the local area as well as top-of-the-line accommodations and spa facilities.

Spa Resorts

If you're looking for fun and relaxation in equal measures, then an Indiana spa resort is sure to please. These fine facilities offer you luxury accommodations, a full list of activities and area attractions to choose from, and a full-service spa to come home to when the day is through.
Belterra Casino Resort & Spa in Florence, Indiana caters to your playful side with a riverboat casino as well as a challenging Tom Fazio-designed golf course. Gear up for the next round of games with a relaxing spa treatment from the on-site facility which offers a surprisingly wide range of spa and salon services including massage, hydrotherapy, nail care, and even teeth whitening among many others.

Spa Hotels

If a few hours at the spa is just a tease in your mind, then what you need is a weekend stay or even a full week at one of Indiana's spa hotels. These spas provide every imaginable amenity to make sure that you only have one thing to do during your spa vacation - relax.
The Villa Inn in Indianapolis, Indiana offers exotic luxury and classic pampering. With on-site and in-room spa treatments available, you'll reach the height of relaxation at the Villa Inn. Explore all the sights and sounds of the city, and return to the spa for a glass of wine from the facility's extensive wine list and a deep tissue massage at the spa.

Health Spas and Wellness Retreats

If you need a break from the perpetual chaos of your life, then stop and take inventory at an Indiana health spa and wellness retreat. These facilities make sure that your wellbeing is their top priority as they provide you with the knowledge and experiences to begin your life anew.
The Retreat at Serendipity Province offers a unique blend of Western and Eastern healing practices to treat the whole person in a soothing and refreshing way. The spa customizes its treatments to fit the individual's needs and can include hydrotherapy, massage, facial and body sculpting, and Bali rituals.

Spa Vacations

If you're looking to escape reality with a vacation you only thought was possible in your fantasies, then check out an Indiana spa vacation. Have some well-deserved fun by engaging in some of the many exciting indoor and outdoor activities, and then recharge your batteries at the on-site spa facilities.
French Lick Resort in West Baden, Indianapolis and French Lick, Indiana serves up family fun in a beautiful and relaxing environment. With the perfect balance of new and old, the completely renovated resort still offers guests the opportunity to bathe in their historic Pluto Mineral Spring Bath filled with the same legendary healing waters that has been attracting visitors to the area for centuries.

Destination Spas

Indiana destination spas provide the premier spa experience - relaxation in an idyllic setting with around the clock pampering and entertainment. Book a stay at one of these fine resorts and learn what it's like to really enjoy life.
Reverie Spa Retreat in La Porte, Indiana is a holistic spa deep in the woodlands that believes in the healing powers of nature. Inspired by the surrounding Lake Michigan and the other beautiful gifts nature has blessed the area with, the spa invites you to enjoy soothing massages, invigorating facials, and renewing body wraps all in a serene setting ideal for enjoying your own private reverie.

Weight-Loss Spas

If you're serious about keeping your resolution to treat your body better and shed those extra pounds that are keeping you from living your best life, then consider an Indiana weight loss spa. Discover what you once thought impossible: how to lose weight, have fun, and relax at the same time.
Miss Vivian's Beauty, Health, Fitness Center and Spa in Madison, Indiana is devoted to providing you with every resource imaginable to help you achieve all of your weight loss and cosmetic goals. With an on-site health food store containing detoxification herbs, slenderizing body wraps, and even tanning services, you'll be transformed by the services at Miss Vivian's.

Luxury Spa Getaways

Find out what it means to live life in the lap of luxury with an Indiana luxury spa getaway. You'll be surrounded by beauty, elegance, and comfort as you treat your body to the exquisite spa treatments it has been craving.
Stonebridge Inn & Spa offers a luxurious environment and impeccable service fit for a king. With the incredible list of spa services available at the Stonebridge Spa, you could stay for weeks or return again and again and never have quite the same experience. From traditional spa services such as deep tissue and hot stone massages to alternative therapies such as reflexology, Reiki, Chakra Balance and Conscious Breathing, this spa truly offers it all.

Eco-Friendly Green Spas

Did you think it was conceivable to be both indulgent and responsible at the same time? Now it is with Indiana's eco-friendly green spas. These facilities use ingenious ways to conserve energy and be kind to the planet while pampering you with luxury that feels too good to be true.
Complexions Spa in Indianapolis, Indiana provides a variety of organic treatments to stimulate and soothe all of your senses in an Earth-friendly way. Choose from services such as a seaweed body slimmer, ultimate lava pedicure, and intensive herbal hair mask, and experience the planet in a new way!

Medical Spas

You'll want to take a before picture before entering one of Indiana's medical spas. These facilities go way beyond provide simple pampering; they possess the power to change your body and your life forever. Choose a cutting-edge cosmetic procedure, and walk out of the door with an after shot to die for!
SimplySkin MedSpa Day Spa with locations throughout Indiana offers the newest cosmetic treatments available under the expert supervision of a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. At SimplySkin MedSpa, you have the option of receiving traditional spa treatments such as massage, facials, and make-up makeovers, or for a more dramatic experience, try one of the spa's medical cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal, Endermologie cellulite treatments, permanent makeup, chemical peels, and Microdermabrasion.

Fitness Spas

Indiana fitness spas know how important it is for your wellbeing to be physically active. That's why they combine a gym experience with spa-like luxury to provide a healing and therapeutic environment for you to not only work out in, but truly enjoy as well.
Sunshine Yoga & Fitness in Lafayette, Indiana believes that fitness isn't only about physical wellbeing; it's about mental and spiritual health as well. That's why they offer a variety of holistic treatments and services including yoga classes, detoxification therapies, body scrubs, and even nutritional counseling. Sunshine Yoga & Fitness is your one-stop shop for all things fitness!

Day Spas

Indiana day spas prove that quality doesn't have to be compromised for efficiency. If you don't have time for a complete spa getaway, sample what luxury feels like at one of these fabulous facilities.
The Woodhouse Day Spa in Carmel, Indiana touts itself as the first true luxury day spa in the area. From the moment you walk in the door, you'll begin to benefit from the care that the staff has taken to create a warm and friendly atmosphere with decor that inspires relaxation and the feel of being pampered. Choose from a range of treatments including facials, anti-aging skincare treatments, couples treatments, and more.