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Below are HydraFacial reviews, ratings, comments submitted by patient. Based on a total of 22 ratings/reviews, HydraFacial has received the following scores:

59% said procedure was worth it
36% said procedure was not worth it

The average reported HydraFacial cost is: $204

$220 Don't belive the claims

New York, NY

I had my first Hydra Facial last Thursday and have had terrible results. Everything I wished my skin wasn't ....it is now. Immediately after the treatment I was advised ... Read the full HydraFacial review

$150 love hydrafaical

Jackson, MS

I had 3 hydrafacials, and none were painful except by a trainer who used me as a guinea pig, the pain people are expeincing must be by someone who is not employed by a ... Read the full HydraFacial review

$60.00 What a pleasant surprise!!!

Maui, HI

We just came back from Maui, Wailea Resort. when I went there to check the spa a Hydrafacial promo event was taking place and sure thing I decided to try it. What a lucky ... Read the full HydraFacial review

$185.00 Love HydraFacial

Denver, CO

My Husband and I both have been getting Hydrafacials monthly for the last 4 years. The improvement in our skin has been amazing! We also have both of our teenage daughters ... Read the full HydraFacial review

$150 Clear Skin!

San Diego, CA

As an adult who keeps wondering when i will outgrow my acne issues, I fear facials because they sometimes make my acne better - and sometimes make it much worse. Not so with ... Read the full HydraFacial review

$120 Skin damage after Hadrafacial

Overland Park, KS

I have very bad experience with Hydrafacial. I have stretch marks on my chin and around eyes after procedure. Now I try to remove this stretch marks but without any success ... Read the full HydraFacial review

$225 Don't do it!

New York, NY

I wanted to do this to remove fine lines, hyperpigmentation and blackheads. The procedure is not comfortable. When it was completed the woman who did the procedure told me ... Read the full HydraFacial review

$175 Don't believe the hype!

Culver City, CA

In my opinion...the Hydrafacial treatment is falsely being raved about by the media and endorsed by Hollywood as some breakthrough miracle improve your skin yada yada yada ... Read the full HydraFacial review

$140 Hydrafacial - not worth it to me....

Natick, MA

My daughter and I both had hydrafacials - the technicians were RAVING about the treatment. We were told that our skin would look fabulous and that we could walk out looking ... Read the full HydraFacial review

$175 Hydrafacial Treatment

Dover, DE

This facial is a hydrating facial. There is no pain whatsoever. Your skin comes out very hydrated for the next couple days but afterwards, returns to normal. I did a series ... Read the full HydraFacial review

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