There is nothing like getting away with your girlfriends for fun and relaxation. Whether you girls want to get pampered, get beauty enhancement treatments, or get in shape, you and your pals can bond while having fun.

10 – The Biggest Loser – Red Rock Canyon, Utah

This spa has an odd, unique name, but this name stands for a great getaway for you and your girlfriends. Located in the Red Rock Canyon of Utah, The Biggest Loser is one of the most affordable spa getaways, and the beautiful scenery just makes it even more worth your time. Other than the standard spa treatments, there are fitness gyms, cardio classes, and everything else you need to get yourself feeling healthy and strong while spending time with friends. Because of you can enjoy the benefits of exercise and shed a few pounds, The Biggest Loser comes in at number ten.

9 – Birdwing Spa – Minnesota

Located in rustic Minnesota, the Birdwing Spa has an atmosphere and environment that makes you feel right at home. You see a large red barn when you arrive, and there are over 100 acres of land set up for different yoga classes and other spa treatments. Our number nine choice is the Birdwing haven because sometimes you and your girlfriends want to “go country”.

8 – Cal-a-Vie Health Spa – San Diego, California

This spa has a Mediterranean-like feel and is set up to promote overall wellness. While spending time at the Cal-a-Vie, you can get a facial, learn Latin dance, or simply take part on one of the many different exercise classes offered. The bedrooms offer a relaxing, yet homelike appeal. Because of its location in beautiful, sunny San Diego, California, we put Cal-a-Vie Health Spa at number eight.


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7 – Canyon Ranch – Tucson, Arizona

This spa is unique, and it allows you and your friends to each take a special journey to getting re-acquainted with yourself. Through life-skill classes, yoga, nutrition courses, and preventative health classes, you will leave with skills to help create a better life far beyond the getaway. Our number seven choice is Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona because you get more than just beauty treatments.

6 – Copperhead Retreat & Spa – New York

If you and your girlfriends are all about relaxing and getting pampered, then the Copperhead Retreat is right for you. Everything about our number six spa says “relax and let us take care of you”. Another plus? The beautiful land offers for hiking with an experienced guide. So, when you’re not getting a facial and sipping wine, go for a hike and discover the beauty of nature in Shandaken, New York located in the heart of the Catskills.

5 – The Kerr House – Grand Rapids, Michigan

This spa getaway is unique because it allows you enjoy the scenery along the bank of the Maumee River in Grand Rapids. For a relaxing experience, spend some time alone or go with you girlfriends to take part in a 5 day fitness course. All of these services are offered in the same spa retreat, and they make this the best choice for someone looking for versatility. At number five on our list, the Kerr House is a spa that has your health and wellness in mind.


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4 – New Life Hiking Spa – Vermont

Are you and your girlfriends those women who like to get outdoors and enjoy nature while on your spa getaway? If so, the New Life Hiking Spa the perfect place for you. Located at the Inn of the Six Mountains in scenic Killington, Vermont, this retreat allows you to get Botox, Orange Peels and other beauty enhancement treatments. We chose this haven for number four because, while exploring the wonderful hiking land around you, you get to bond with your pals.

3 – The Oaks at Ojai – California

Located in sunny California, this spa is a superb choice for those who live in cold weather regions. Come in during those months to enjoy some warm weather and pampering from the friendly, accommodating staff of The Oaks. It is a family owned spa that offers everything from acupuncture to aromatherapy. If you girls just want to relax in a low-key setting, this is the spa for you. At Ojai, you get more than just beauty procedures, so we recommend The Oaks at number three.

2 – Regency Wellness Resort and Spa – Florida

Want to combine wellness and fun? Go to the Regency Wellness Resort and Spa in Hallandale Beach, Florida. This spa focuses on health, wellness, and weight loss while offering you and your friends the opportunity to be beach bums.  With Tia Chi, yoga instruction and aqua classes, you’ll get full health benefits ocean side. We picked Regency Wellness for our number two girlfriend getaway because this spa lets you relax while reminding you to get healthy.


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1- Green Mountain at Fox Run – Vermont

No woman wants to try to diet and lose weight all alone. The Green Mountain Fox Run retreat is a women-only spa, and they work on helping you shed those extra few pounds without heavy dieting. We chose it for number one because Ludlow, Vermont is the perfect setting for relaxation, and the haven provides fun exercise instruction, nutrition education, and healthy lifestyle training. The best of all? You’re surrounded by women who all have a similar goal in mind, making this a fun, unique experience.


Photo: Courtesy of Cal-a-Vie Health Spa