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70% said procedure was worth it
30% said procedure was not worth it

The average reported Fraxel Laser cost is: $1420

$2500 Fantastic Treatment

Toronto, ON

I had 3 Fraxel treatments last year (spaced a month apart) and I'm about to go in again, one year later. Yes there was some discomfort but I'm willing to tolerate it rather ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

$1000 The best for removing acne scars

San Francisco, CA

To get rid of deep worry lines and acne scars, I decided to have Fraxel treatment that resulted in vanishing of all black sports and gave me a smooth skin, just as I had in ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

$950 Get Rid of Periorbital lines

Houston, TX

My Periorbital lines forced me to go for the Fraxel treatment. I chose this treatment because I read a lot about its positive effects on the internet. I consulted an ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

$750 Fraxel laser treatment is a wastage of money and time


I had periorbital lines from a very early age but it did not bother me when I was young. But now when I am 40, it does make a significant impact on my personality. I wanted ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

$1125 Fraxel Treatment -Matchless Results For Removing Periorbital Lines

San Antonio, FL

Since my teenage, I had many periorbital lines on my face that were not prominent. However, as I reached early thirties, these lines were quite noticeable and made me look 10 ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

$2175 Fraxel Secret

Los Angeles,CA

Fraxel Repair laser treatment or any laser treatment for that matter can have a freakish effect! A friend of mine tried it. Not a looks- obsessed female, as most cosmetic ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

$1100 Fraxel Repair is misleading advertisement

Seattle, WA

The esthetics spa that I went to had plenty of posters, pamphlets, and even infomercials playing repeatedly on screens throughout the building, on the wonders of something ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

$1200 Fraxel got rid of my stretch marks

Phoenix, AZ

After having 3 children and losing a large amount of weight, I had stretch marks everywhere. I was embarrassed and wanted to do something to get rid of them. I had tried ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

$1800 Goodbye, acne scars thanks to Fraxel

Los Angeles, CA

I had terrible acne as a teen, and have been embarrassed of the scars ever since. I heard about Fraxel and how it can help with the scars as well as give your face a healthy ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

$1600 Fraxel laser erased all my fine lines

New York, NY

I want to tell you that Fraxel laser is very painful procedure I don’t even know how I could go through that. After the procedure I had to stay home because my skin was ... Read the full Fraxel Laser review

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