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73% said procedure was worth it
27% said procedure was not worth it

The average reported Facelift cost is: $8871

$180 botox never did any thing to my wrinke

Colleyville, TX

I went for my eleven forehead they told me is gone smoth in 4 days but all they did is just taking money never work. they always lies Read the full Facelift review

$9500 How I forgot about my age and began to live the life I always wanted

Miami, FL

People began to treat me a little different when my age began to show on my face. In many ways when I turned 40, I felt a need to do something drastic to myself to somehow ... Read the full Facelift review

$7650 Face Lift Treatment with Rhytidectomy Surgery

San Diego, CA

I am fifty-eight years old and with time, my facial appearance had lost its original essence. As a result, I underwent face-lift surgery last month that was an awesome ... Read the full Facelift review

$11750 Facelift is Best For Skin Tightening

Phoenix, AZ

My husband gifted me face-lift surgery on our 25th wedding anniversary when I was 50 years old. This was because I had numerous wrinkles on my face with saggy cheeks. On the ... Read the full Facelift review

$15000 Face lift Surgery is an expensive surgery with little benefits

Indianapolis, IN

My husband gave me the present of a chance to look younger. He offered me to have a face lift surgery because I had wrinkles near my eyes and my face used to look very saggy. ... Read the full Facelift review

$8500 Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery Yielded Wonderful Results

San Francisco, CA

I decided to go for cosmetic surgery on my 60th birthday because I was really fed up with my wrinkled saggy face. I consulted my family doctor and he recommended a well-known ... Read the full Facelift review

$11000 Facelift

Seattle, WA

My wife divorced me after 20 years for a younger guy. That did a number on my head, I'm not going to lie. After a year of hibernating and tending ,my wounds, I did what any ... Read the full Facelift review

$4500 lower facelift

Houston, TX

I chose what is called the Lifestyle lift. After seeing an infomercial with all these good looking, happy, peppy people. Its suppose to be less expensive, with much less ... Read the full Facelift review

$8000 Love my facelift, it was wonderful!

Chicago, IL

I looked much older than I was I had some saggy skin and more wrinkles on my face and that what inspired me to have a face lift. I experienced no pain at all just a lot of ... Read the full Facelift review

$10000 Face lift is great but expensive

Los Angeles, CA

Before I had a face lift I spent almost 8 months to find a right plastic surgeon. I was reading a lot of reviews, went to many consultations and finally found a plastic ... Read the full Facelift review

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